Alex Freeman shares how being able to express herself through notes, chords, and melodies is the most rewarding part of creating music

Alex Freeman is a singer, songwriter and has been performing for years. She has released singles titled “Paper Mask” as well as “Oh Baby” and is excited to release more. Alex spent 2020 quarantined in Florida writing and creating new songs. YEM was able to speak with her about her new song “Paper Mask”, the most challenging part of creating songs, and how she defines herself as a music artist.

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you know that you wanted to be a music artist?

Alex Freeman: I feel that being a musical artist was more of a calling to me, something I feel I was meant to do deep down and I followed it.

YEM: Besides music, what else are you passionate about?

Alex: Being involved in causes, or being able to help people. To me, I feel that everyone needs someone to support them. So I’m very passionate about helping people in any way I can.

YEM: What is the song “Paper Mask” about?

Alex: I feel that “Paper Mask” is a song that people can change to the view they want it to be. It can be about someone they like, it can be about the situation going on in the world. But for me, I feel that “Paper Mask” is my way of being vulnerable about my opinion on how the world is never going to be the same after Covid.  We’ve all gone through so much and it’s still not even done yet and it’s getting worse but, we are trying to find a way out of it and it’s uniting us all as people.

YEM: What was your main inspiration behind your new song “Paper Mask”?

Alex: The situation that the world was in and being able to have a topic that everyone in the entire world can relate to.

YEM: How long did it take to write and record “Paper Mask”?

Alex: The song took about 2 hours to write and  2 hours to record, so a total of four hours.

YEM: What was the most challenging part of creating songs in the past year?

Alex: Finding people who wanted to work over zoom. It was a little bit challenging when top people want to work in person but for safety precautions, we couldn’t. It just got complicated.

YEM: What was the most rewarding part of creating songs in the past year?

Alex: Being able to express whatever I felt through notes, chords, and melodies. Taking whatever I thought or felt and putting it into a song so I didn’t have to talk about the things I didn’t want to. I could keep them for myself to listen to or show them to people and ask for opinions and end up creating songs that are fully produced with producers who work in the industry on a daily basis. So it was rewarding to be able to grow my skill set through writing every day.

YEM: What other songs have you released this year or are planning on releasing?

Alex: Currently, I have only released “Paper Mask” this year but on August 27 my next song “OH BABY” is coming out and then I have one more song, ”Broken Record,” coming out sometime between September and October

YEM: What is your favorite memory about making music from this past year?

Alex: Being able to meet my producers of “Paper Mask” in person in LA in November. I wrote paper mask in early May 2020 and I had only met my producers over zoom. So I went on a writing trip to LA and I was able to meet them and they hugged me 10,000 times and were the sweetest human beings on the planet. I’ve worked with them several times since then and I love them so much!

YEM: Has being in quarantine affected your ability to create as a music artist? Why or why not?

Alex: Honestly, I feel like it has increased my ability to create during quarantine. Having more time than I ever have in my life was so useful for growing skill sets.

YEM: How do you want to define yourself as a music artist?

Alex: A pop R&B artist who pushes the boundaries to soul and funk.

YEM: What do you hope your audience will take away from listening to your music?

Alex: I hope that my audience will take away whatever the intended emotion is per song or understand the message in it and utilize it. But for me, I feel that having something that connects and relates to my listener it’s really what I hope you can take away!

YEM: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Alex: As an artist who will have top songs and an amazing record deal. I’d also love to have a fashion line and make up line and overall be incredibly successful.

Check out Alex’s music video for “Paper Mask” here!