Alexander Elliot shares what it’s like to play The Hardy Boys

The classic Hardy Boys are back for a new adventure! The new Hulu series, “The Hardy Boys,” premiered earlier this month and is already impressing viewers. The show centers on the two classic mystery solving brothers, Joe and Frank. In this series, the boys lose their mother, and their dad moves them to her hometown to investigate her death. While their dad is a professional detective, the boys have plans of their own to learn the truth. Alexander Elliot, who plays the youngest Hardy brother, talked to YEM about what fans can expect from the new series.

Young Entertainment Mag: Did you watch suspense movies or read mystery books before the show?

Alexander Elliot: I’ve always loved watching suspense movies. It’s one of the best ways to get an audience excited about a movie, and after working on a show like The Hardy Boys, my love for suspense movies has doubled.

YEM: How did you prepare for this role where you play a teenage detective?

Alexander: I worked a lot with the director Jason Stone to create an all new Joe Hardy to represent a new generation of The Hardy Boys. We worked heavily on Joe’s dry sarcastic sense of humour and his more relaxed speech. I also worked on Joe’s vulnerable moments. Since this is such a personal mystery for the boys, Joe has to dive into a new strange world where he only has Frank to comfort him.

YEM: Had you read any of The Hardy Boys mystery novels before you were cast on the show?

Alexander: Sadly, I was born in the wrong generation to grow up with the books. It wasn’t until I had gotten the role that I really dove into the culture surrounding these books and I am glad I did. I realized what an honour it was to be able to represent a character that so many people loved.

YEM: Who is Joe Hardy? How would you describe him?

Alexander: Joe is the one to really drive the plot to the next level. He’s the one to get into all of the crazy situations, running away from bad guys and just generally putting himself in danger for the greater good. Joe is very passionate about this mystery, mostly because of how close he is with his family, and how much he wants to prove himself to the world.

YEM: How do Joe and Frank relate as brothers?

Alexander: Joe and Frank are very close, they trust each other more than they trust anyone else. Yes, they have their brotherly fights, but that doesn’t change how much they need each other, especially for this mystery.

YEM: What are their differences and similarities? Do they have their own investigating styles?

Alexander: Frank is very analytical and calculating, while Joe is more of a spunky fun kid that tries to make the best of a bad situation by cracking a few jokes and generally staying optimistic. This translates directly into their investigating styles. Frank will look at a problem and solve it with logic, whereas if Joe sees a problem, Frank will tell him to leave it alone, and then Joe will do the exact opposite and dive in head first without regard for consequences.

YEM: How is Joe and Frank’s connection as brothers important to the story?

Alexander: In my opinion, this whole series is rooted in the importance of family. Joe and Frank share a level of trust that can’t be obtained by someone who isn’t family.

YEM: How did you develop the brotherly relationship with Rohan? How did you build a family dynamic with the rest of the cast?

Alexander: I hadn’t met Rohan until the table read. We were both very nervous to meet each other just because we had no idea who we were going to be spending the next 5 months with. But thankfully, we got along really well right off the bat and our bond just got stronger the more we worked together. We really have an amazing cast for this show, it really wasn’t difficult to get along with anybody on set, we became a family regardless of the show.

YEM: The Hardy Boys have been adapted to the screen five times before. How will this new version of the classic book series be different?

Alexander: This is a new generation of The Hardy Boys. It’s an all new mystery with twists and turns that nobody has read about. This time around, The Hardy Boys no longer has the “new mystery every time” format. We have one massive mystery spanning 13 episodes, with all kinds of sub-mysteries and plots. We sincerely hope the audience loves this new take on The Hardy Boys.

YEM: How does Joe feel about moving from the big city to Bridgeport?

Alexander: Joe likes to keep an optimistic outlook on every situation. So, you will see Joe think of this from more of a positive angle, rather than a negative one.

YEM: Do Frank and Joe get their love of sleuthing from their detective father?

Alexander: Frank and especially Joe look up to their father Fenton, and with Fenton being a real detective, there’s no question as to where the boys get their skills from.

YEM: What suspense and mystery can fans expect from the show?

Alexander: A lot. There’s tons of that and more in this show. Not only is there suspense and mystery, there’s also drama, action, and comedy. This show really is an all-rounder. 

YEM: The Hardy Boys series is set in the 1980s. What was it like getting to play a character from that time period? 

Alexander: I’ve always loved the 80s, for as long as I can remember I’ve been listening to 80s music like The Police and Tears for Fears. It’s really cool to be able to be a part of something set in the 80s. It’s been a dream come true.

YEM: What do you enjoy about being a part of a mystery series?

Alexander: I love mystery, although I didn’t get to read ‘The Hardy Boys’ growing up. Mystery has always been a very interesting genre for me. In my opinion, there is no better way to keep an audience engaged then to have them on the edge of their seat with a great mystery.

YEM: This show takes recognizable characters and puts them in suspense like Riverdale and Sabrina. What do you think young viewers will like about this interpretation?

Alexander: We’ve worked really hard on not only catering to old fans of the series but bringing in new fans as well. I think young viewers will definitely enjoy the grittier style of this show, as well as the lovable characters and intense mystery.

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