Anna Duboc shares her process of songwriting and composing with YEM

Anna Duboc is a indie/pop/indie/soul singer songwriter. Her newest single “Promises from Hell” was just released, and is a part of her upcoming EP. Anna has also been able to sing with other artists such as Katy Perry, Andre Bocelli and Kenny Loggins. YEM was able to speak with Anna about when she started her singing career, how she hopes to influence her generation through her music, and what it is like recording a music video.

Young Entertainment Mag: What will be the theme of your debut EP?

Anna Duboc: It has an overall theme of trapped emotions and overflowing feelings.

YEM: When and how did you start your singing career?

Anna: I’ve been singing in musicals since I was little and started writing songs when I was 8, but I started to release YouTube videos when I was 12 years old.

YEM: What are your songwriting and composing processes like? 

Anna: I usually get inspiration from the outside world or from books I read and write some ideas down and start with the lyrics. Once I get one part of the song, I start working on the melody and it all starts to come together.

YEM: Which of your videos were the first to reach a million views and how did you feel about that?

Anna: I think the covers Stone Cold by Demi Lovato and Break My Heart Again by Finneas. It was a very exciting moment when I saw they both hit 1 million.

YEM: What is your relationship to dancing and acting? Have you done any musicals?

Anna: I’ve done 21 musicals since the time I was 4. I’ve been acting and dancing for as long as I can remember.

YEM: What instruments do you play and which is your favorite? 

Anna: I play piano and a little guitar, but I personally like the piano the best.

Photo Credit: Ben Cope

YEM: How did your style of indie pop come about?

Anna: It fits the type of music I wrote, even though I wasn’t writing for that type of music.

YEM: What was your most memorable moment performing and why? 

Anna: Either playing Anita in West Side Story or when Kenny Loggins was surprised when I said I was 12 years old in the production of Footloose we did in 2019. 

YEM: Out of the artists you’ve worked with -Katy Perry and Andrea Bocelli to Kenny Loggins, who gave you the best advice? What was the advice they gave you and how did it help you on your career path?

Anna: Since Katy and Andrea Bocelli were a few years ago I don’t really remember some of the advice they gave me, but I remember Kenny Loggins telling me to relax when I was singing something very high and I’m not sure why it worked but the way he worded it has helped me with my upper register.

YEM: Which is your favorite social media platform and why?

Anna: I love Instagram and TikTok. Doing TikTok videos can be hard if I’m not in the right mood but watching them is just something I do all day. They’re both platforms where you can just escape your own reality.

YEM: How do you hope to influence your generation through your music?

Anna: I really hope to influence people, so they know that not only are they not alone in their struggles, but that it’s okay to have strong emotions or painful things going on.

YEM: What is it like to record a music video?

Anna: Honestly, it’s fun, especially when the director knows what they’re doing but also knows you. The two directors I’ve really worked with for my videos have been friends of ours, so it’s just fun to watch everything come together with someone you know you can trust.

Check out Anna’s single “Promises from Hell” here!