Anthony Turpel on growing up Felix for season 2 of “Love, Victor”

Last year YEM spoke with Anthony Turpel about his role as Victor’s best friend, Felix on season 1 of Love, Victor. He explained how Felix is “Just a lovable guy who accepts people for who they are.” YEM got a second chance to chat with Anthony and asked if he’s still that “loveable guy” in season 2. Please take a look at what Anthony had to say.

Young Entertainment Mag: Love, Victor season two comes out Jun 11th, what are you most excited for? 

Anthony Turpel: For it to be released! I’m really excited for people to see the continuation of everyone’s stories. Being able to follow these characters’ lives. I can’t wait for the storylines and hard work of those behind the camera to be seen. 

YEM: You have spoken about how the story of Love, Victor will help a lot of young kids who are confused and it will be a great place to turn and not feel so alone. Will this still be true in season 2? 

Anthony: Of course! We’re still following Victor and his relationships. Season 2 is just pushing that narrative to an even deeper level. 

YEM: What would you say is the biggest difference between seasons one and two? 

Anthony: The difference is that we learn more about these characters and – it’s very hard to say this without spoilers – we dive deeper into everyone’s personal lives and the intricacies of what makes them who they are. 

Love, Victor — “The Sex Cabin” – Episode 204 — On a weekend getaway, Victor and Benji hope to take their relationship to the next level. Victor (Michael Cimino) and Felix (Anthony Turpel), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

YEM: You have previously described Felix as “Just a lovable guy who accepts people for who they are.” Is this still true come season 2? 

Anthony: It is, but Felix learns that there’s also more to himself than just supporting others. 

YEM: What’s next for Felix and Lake? 

Anthony: You’ll have to watch Season 2 to find out! 

YEM: What are some of your favorite memories filming the new season? 

Anthony: Just hanging out with everybody! Not only am I able to do what I love most, I also get to do it with people I love. So every day was a great memory. 

Love, Victor — “Sincerely, Rahim” – Episode 206 — Pilar’s new friend Rahim reaches out to Victor for guidance. Victor and Isabel reach a boiling point. Lake (Bebe Wood) and Felix (Anthony Turpel), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

YEM: What was it like seeing your cast members again after the long break at the start of season 2? 

Anthony: Well we never really stopped seeing each other. Never stopped talking to each other. Honestly it felt like no time had passed. 

YEM: How will you be watching season 2, Where and who will you be with? 

Anthony: Wow that’s a really good question, I might just have to think of some fun watch-party ideas with the cast now! 

YEM: What type of character development will the audience get to see from Felix in season 2? 

Anthony: Felix finds out more about himself and we’ll get to see and explore the complexities of his life. 

Love, Victor — “The Sex Cabin” – Episode 204 — On a weekend getaway, Victor and Benji hope to take their relationship to the next level. Felix (Anthony Turpel) and Andrew (Mason Gooding), shown. (Photo by: Greg Gayne/Hulu)

YEM: What do you hope people take away from season two of Love, Victor? 

Anthony: I hope they take away what they hopefully took away with season 1: to authentically be yourself. Because I think that still rings true in season 2. 

YEM: Will Felix still be going as Lone-Stone or has Andrew debunked that completely? 

Anthony: I can say this much: There will always be a little bit of Lone-Stone in Felix. 

YEM: Will we be hearing more from Simon or are we completely in Victor’s head now? 

Anthony: Without spoiling anything, I’ll say Victor is always willing to take Simon’s advice, and he often searches for it. But, as this is his story, Victor also figures things out through his own experiences and through the people around him. 

YEM: If you could describe the new season in one word what would it be and why? 

Anthony: “Emmy-Worthy” (For your consideration) 

YEM: What’s one thing you learned shooting season 2 that you’d like to share with someone younger – both in storyline and in acting? 

Anthony: If you’re acting, no one’s ever going to let you have a bad day. So you need to let yourself know that when you do make mistakes – especially if you’re growing up in the industry – that’s okay and you’re going to bounce back. Everyone has those moments. As far as storyline, it’s so important to just be yourself. To be genuine. And to find others that fit with that person. 

EXRTA CREDIT: Anthony got to star on an episode of This is Us where he’s working on the Mr. Rodgers show (This is Us also stars another Love, Victor cast member, Rachel Hilson as young Beth) 

YEM: What was it like being on the production for your episode of This is Us? 

Anthony: It was a lot of fun! Even though I was only there for two days, everyone made me feel so welcomed. Just getting to be a part of that production was a privilege.

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