Up-and-Comer: Art Parkinson Mystifies in ‘Anomaly’

If you don’t know young actor Art Parkinson yet, you will soon, especially if you’re a faithful sci-fi and/or fantasy nerd. Young Art is making quite a name for himself in sci-fi/fantasy on screens both big and small. Game of Thrones fans probably already know him as the actor behind House Stark’s youngest member, little Rickon, younger brother to Arya, Sansa, Bran, Robb, and maybe but-probably-not Jon Snow.


Art as Rickon on Game of Thrones

In addition to GoT, at only 13 years old, the young Irish actor has already been featured in the vampire action flick Dracula Untold from 2014 as well as San Andreas, an action-packed disaster movie starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Carla Gugino out earlier this year. And up next for Art is the futuristic sci-fi action mystery Anomaly. Having already been released in the UK, Anomaly hits US screens this weekend. Starring The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhoder, Anomaly is the story of an ex-military man who wakes up in an impossible situation–he wakes to discover he only has 9 minutes and 47 seconds to figure out why his captors want him dead. With the clock ticking, this is sure to be a pulse pounding ride full of mystery and action. Anomaly is in US theaters as of September 25th.


An older Art at the San Andreas premiere last year.

Up next for young Art is an even bigger undertaking. Art will star as the titular voice in the star-studded animated film Kubo and the Two Strings. Kubo is the story of a boy who lives a quiet life until a mysterious spirit from the past arrives in his sleepy town creating havoc in the form of gods and monsters who chase Kubo. Kubo realizes the key to returning his life back to ordinary is a legendary suit of armor worn by his late father. The voice cast of Kubo is pretty impressive with A-List stars including Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey, and Pan’s Rooney Mara. That’s a pretty exciting project for Art!!! Congrats to him!!! And we can’t wait to see what this talented dude has in store for the future. Dare we hope for him to reprise his role of Rickon on Game of Thrones?!?!

Check out the trailer for Anomaly, out in theaters this weekend!