Ben Platt’s Take On Lady Gaga’s “You and I”

Born This Way is and will always be one of the most iconic works of the diva Lady Gaga. Well, now it’s about to get even better. It is getting reimagined and Ben Platt is doing his take on the iconic song, “You and I”.

Ben Platt’s cover is one of the many cover tracks for the album, Born This Way Reimagined. It’s to celebrate the 10 year mark of Lady Gaga’s famous album “Born This Way”. In addition, the artists performing the covers are all advocating and representing the LGBTQ+ community. 

First thing is the amazing video to go with the iconic Lady Gaga song. It’s a very dramatic, elegant, and also moody music video. Ben Platt has got very dramatic eye makeup on. He’s dressed up in a trenchcoat while standing alone in the center of the room. It’s his time to shine. Well, shine is just what he does!

The song has indeed been reimagined and renovated but still had the dramatic vibes it had when the original came out. instead of the electric guitar that was featured in the original, there’s a complete chorus of violins, handclaps, and tambourines to backup Platt’s stellar vocals. Both versions sounded completely differently but somehow still contained the same vibe of reminiscing on a past lover. That’s some music magic right there!

Platt used up all those theater talents to the max. Everything from the stage with him in the center to the violins screamed in the theater. This should be expected from the theatrical Ben Platt, because this is what he is known for. However, knowing just how Lady Gaga is known for being dramatic and extremely expressive, the fans can probably agree that this gets a big thumbs up from the queen herself! 

Platt was able to take an incredible song and turn it into his own incredible song that hopefully his fans and more will also love. Check it out on YouTube here !