Callie Quinn Adams Foster: Happy Birthday!

It is that time of year again: We are wishing a very happy birthday to Callie Quinn Adams Foster! The beloved character has been around since The Fosters, a 5-season series that aired from 2013-2018. However, modern audiences have come to know and love Callie as the intelligent justice seeker in Good Trouble, the spin-off to The Fosters. While we love all characters from Gael to Mariana, Callie is the tough cookie we can all resonate with.

According to fans of the Good Trouble universe, Callie Quinn Adams Foster was born on July 11, 1997, making her 24-years-old. Callie certainly has not had the best childhood, as her father divorced her mother due to societal pressures. Her mother remarried Donald; a man Callie grew up thinking was her father. In a tragic accident, Donald got behind the wheel under the influence, killing her mother. After Donald was charged with manslaughter, Callie, along with her brother, Jude, were placed in the foster care system. Despite the many obstacles in Callie’s life, she grew up to be a confident, strong woman advocating for children placed in the foster care system. 

Although Callie is passionate about the law, she is also a fierce protector of her family. After her rough upbringing, Callie had instant maternal instincts when it came to caring for her younger brother, Jude. She often put herself in dangerous situations and risked her life for Jude. She is roommates with her adopted sister, Mariana. The two have a complex relationship but beneath those layers, the two have a deep bond that can only be seen with sisters.

Maia Mitchell, who portrays Callie in Good Trouble, is not unlike her character. Mitchell had a family member who went through the foster care system like her character did. Although playing Callie is never easy, she is grateful for the support of her castmates and fans for always cheering her on. Mitchell understands that The Fosters and Good Trouble are bringing necessary topics to light such as foster care, justice, mental health, and loneliness. These real-life issues mirror the world around Mitchell, not just the television shows. 

Mitchell’s character is incredibly important as she is shedding a bright light on the world, hoping to make it a better place. This is a lesson that Callie has learned through her upbringing and hopes to continue to advocate and educate to anyone that will listen. The hard times will come and go, but Callie has shown us that confidence is infectious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

So, let’s let Callie enjoy her special day with the perfect power suit like she always does. Then we can all come together with the gang to wish Callie Quinn Adams Foster a happy birthday! In more happier news, Good Trouble will be back on July 14, 2021. Fans can watch Callie and the gang back in action.