The Best New Irish Artists to Watch Out for in 2024!

There’s plenty of great new music around the world, and for those people looking further afield, the Celtic countries like Wales, Scotland, and Ireland are bringing out amazing new music. So let’s show you some of the best new Irish artists making waves in 2024 and beyond!


Belfast rappers Kneecap seamlessly flips between English and Irish, providing an excellent insight into the Irish language along with a hefty dose of humor and social commentary. They are making a massive impactful stop in Irish music. In the modern day, Irish music is able to blend both traditional and modern elements. While there’s plenty of Irish music on SiriusXM for all the Irish music purists, Kneecap is one of the hottest acts on the planet that’s stepping away from the traditional completely! It’s safe to say that they’re going to make a massive impact all around the world.


Cork-based 6-piece Cardinals started out as an idea by two 16-year-olds in a quiet fishing town. After seeing the bright lights of Cork and its music scene, they learned what they didn’t want to become. Eternally the outsiders, their music is ideal for anyone with a spark of disaffection.

Niamh Bury

Word-of-mouth sensation Niamh Bury, based out of Dublin, has an amazing voice that calls to mind Fiona Apple and Laura Marley. Fully steeped in folk and traditional music, she has been signed by Claddagh Records, with an album expected imminently!


Jazzy, also known as Yasmine Byrne, has already claimed 100 million streams on Spotify. Her track “Giving Me” has been all over TikTok and is sure to soundtrack everyone’s summer!

Jordan Adetunji

Belfast-based Jordan Adetunji melds a whole host of genres, flitting easily between R&B, post-punk, and rap. He released “Rock ‘N’ Rave” in October and uploaded “The Motion Is Limitless” to his Soundcloud over Christmas. Momentum is all go for this one!


Starting as a lockdown studio project in Ballymun, Bricknasty incorporates jazz, hip-hop, and R&B into something truly unique. Releasing their full-length effort “INA CRUELER” last summer, expectations are high, but they will easily meet them!


The shoegaze revival has been one of the most surprising trends, thanks to TikTok, and they have become one of alternative music station BBC 6 Music’s favorites.

Darren Kiely

Influenced by music such as the Lumineers, there is a very Irish streak to his music. This has won him so many awards on the Irish circuit. Having sold out a number of shows in places as far-flung as New York and Nashville, it’s amazing he only started singing in 2019!

Trá Pháidín

A truly exciting experience, John Francis Flynn and his band bring anarchy to every show, with every set being fully improvised! Truly an amazing live act, having just released their full-length on Bandcamp, “An 424” at the end of November.


If you’re looking for new music, there’s always plenty around. If you are hunting for something very specific, it might be time to look at what the Emerald Isle is throwing out!