New Music Friday: January 19th

Hey there and happy Friday! Hope you are having a great week, but if you want it to be even better, you should check out the songs below:

1) James Arthur – “Bitter Sweet Love”

Artist James Arthur has outdone himself with his brand-new album and its title track “Bitter Sweet Love.” If you are looking for a brand-new song from an artist that never disappoints then this song is perfect for you. Check out this song and if you like it make sure to give the whole album a listen.

2) Joe Serafini – “That Special”

Star of High School Musical; The Musical, The Series and YEM favorite, Joe Serafini has released his original song “That Special” and it is as good as it sounds. If you are looking for a new song from a friendly and familiar face, then check out this tune from Joe Serafini. 

3) Gab De La Vega – “Northern Lights”

Gab De La Vega’s new song “Northern Lights” is just as beautiful as the actual Northern Lights. This song and its enchanting pop-rock melodies paired with descriptive lyrics will make you feel like you have teleported to the beautiful landscape of the Northern Lights.

4) Nathan Morris – “Last Time”

Nathan Morris’ new single “Last Time” is a pop song with magical melodies and creative pop lyrics. Listen along as Morris takes you on a journey of love. 

5) For Closure – “Moon at Noon”

New indie pop-rock band For Closure’s new song “Moon at Noon” is a beautiful display of music and humor. It is goofy and sweet and has everything you could ever want out of an indie rock song. 

6) Gordon City and Bbyafricka – “Biggest Regret”

This new collaboration from Bbyafricka and Gordon City is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish. If you want a new pop collaboration, this song is a great addition to your playlist. 

7) Young Franco – “Daydreaming”

Young Franco’s new song “Daydreaming” is a daydream in and of itself. It is bright and warm and makes you feel like you are transcending time and space with its electro-pop beats and powerful melodic structure. 

8) One Square Mile – “One Way”

One Square Mile is at it again with their new single “One Way.” It is beautiful and deep in lyrics. Check it out wherever you get your music today. 

9) Fie Eike – “The Nile”

In this song from Fie Eike, tune in as she takes you through the motions of the river, specifically “The Nile.” It is peaceful and poetic and perfect in every way. Check it out today!

10) Letters Sent Home – “I Hope I Die First”

In this poetic and heavy lyric-driven tune from Letters Sent Home, listen along as they take you through what it means to be in love and experience loss. It is deep and it is beautiful and should be at the top of your new music radar. 

11) Thomas Nicholas Band – “Better Than Home”

YEM favorite Thomas Nicholas and his band have just released their new song “Better Than Home” and it is. If you are looking for a new song to jam out to with a powerful band aspect that will draw you in, you will love this song from the Thomas Nicholas Band. 

12) Motörhead – “Stay Clean (Live)”

New from edgy metal band Motörhead is “Stay Clean,” off their latest album. If you like that aggressive rock sound paired with a beautiful display of lyrics, then this is perfect for your hype playlist. 

13) Ricky Byrd – “Louanne”

Rockstar Ricky Byrd’s song “Louanne” is an oldie but a goodie. If you consider yourself an old soul who loves that classic rock sound, you should totally listen to this sweet ode to “Louanne.”

14) Wilson Fairchild – “This Ole House”

New off of their album Statler Made, Wilson Fairchild’s song “This Ole House” is a gospel country memoir to growing up in “This Ole House.” It is sweet and enchanting and the perfect add to your country playlist. 

15) Rural Tapes – “Run Rapid”

Wake up, boys! New pop-funk power-ballad from Rural Tapes just dropped. Check out “Run Rapids” for soothing electric guitar melodies that’ll put you in a trance. 

16) Yours Truly – “Call My Name”

Yours Truly has just released this banger of a single “Call My Name.” If you are looking for an edgy and aggressive song from an up-and-coming band, give this song a listen. 

17) K Flay – “Carsick”

Taking a road trip anytime soon? If yes, check out “Carsick” from K Flay. It is real and raw and perfect for a windows-down drive, just try not to get “Carsick,” if you know what I mean. 

18) Noanne – “White Glove”

Just like a “White Glove,” this song from Noanne is beautiful and elegant. If you are looking for a classy new tune then this one is definitely worth the listen. 

19) Josiah and The Bonnevilles – “One Last Song”

Josiah Leming, from Josiah and the Bonnevilles, has just released this single and it is magic. If you are looking for a chill folk song with powerful lyrics and a smidge of country production, then check out this beautiful tune from Josiah and the Bonnevilles. 

20) Ariana Grande – “yes, and?”

In this new song from pop superstar Ariana Grande, listen as she enchants with stunning beats and expressive lyrics that empower listeners to overcome what others think. If you are looking for a new pop-bop, definitely check out this song from Miss Ariana, and make sure to check out her viral music video for intense visuals that match the powerful energy of this new song. 

Thanks for checking out this week’s fresh finds from Young Entertainment! Make sure to check out our Spotify for more new music.