“The Birds Open Up So Many New Opportunities For the Scene.” The Cast and Producers of Little Wing FaceTime With Us

Imagine a film where an unexpected human connection comes from the sport of pigeon racing. In Little Wing, which premiered on Paramount+ on March 13, pigeons prove to be the cooler species, navigating their way back to their roost no matter how far away they’ve traveled.  We got to chat with many of the talented creatives who had a hand in the film, from the executive producer Susan Orlean and writer John Gatins to the director Dean Israelite, and actors Brooklynn Prince and Simon Khan. 

The film is based on a 2006 New Yorker article of the same name from Susan, who is a bestselling author. Brooklynn plays 13-year-old Kaitlyn who is struggling to cope with her parents divorce and impending move away from her childhood home. To find money to save her house, Kaitlynn and her best friend Adam set out to steal a valuable carrier pigeon and end up bonding with the bird’s owner Jaan, who helps her cope with her life struggles. She unexpectedly forms a strong love of pigeon racing. 

Susan: “It is a rare thing to write a coming-of-age story that even an adult can relate to.”

Consider this: 

  • Let your acting adapt to the setting around you. Nothing during filming is going to be perfect so don’t be afraid to change things up. 

The film stars Succession star Brian Cox as Jaan, Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly as Maddie, and Che Tafari as Adam. And Brooklynn has already made a name for herself, first getting her big break in The Florida Project and roles in Cocaine Bear, Home Before Dark, and more. This is Simon’s first movie. Dean, the director, worked on the 2017 reboot of Power Rangers

Dean: “[Pigeons] are such bright animals and we raised 60 pigeons, the production did, and we trained them and they were awesome to work with. They sort of bring a focus to the set and it’s sort of magical when they fly in the right direction and hit their marks.”

In the film, carrier pigeons play an incredibly important role in helping Jaan and Brooklynn find connection. On set, Brooklynn and Simon said that the pigeons were unpredictable so they had to adapt their acting but it made filming that much more authentic. Dean described the set as magical when the pigeons were flying above. 

Brooklynn: “It is so much fun to act with animals because they are so unpredictable. Your acting just adapts to whatever they do and it’s really fun.”

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