Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from March 9th- March 16th

If you are looking for some new entertainment to throw into your week, take a look at the list below! With movies for the whole fam and music that is sure to strike a chord with you, this list is packed full of amazing new releases! 

1. Little Wing

In the new movie coming soon to Paramount +, tune in to watch a young teen Kaitlyn (played by Brooklyn Prince) as she is recovering from her parents nasty divorce and the potential loss of her house. Join in as Kaitlyn and her friend band together to help her mom out and steal a valuable bird to relieve the financial tension she is under. However, when she makes friends with the owners, it gives her a new perspective on life. 

2. Kacey Musgraves – Deeper Well

Attention everyone! Kacey Musgraves is finally releasing her album and giving us some new songs. Her project Deeper Well is dropping this friday and it is a must listen. With her previously released singles “Deeper Well” and “Too Good To Be True” this song is definitely going to be jam packed. Check it out wherever you get your music this Friday.

3. Snack Shack

Starring Connor Sherry and Gabriel LaBelle as AJ and Moose, two friends who take over the local pool’s snack shack. But things take an expected turn when they come across the coolest lifeguard and new friend, Brooke. Tune in to see what happens when Brooke swoops in and ruins their plans. If you want a fun, exciting, comedy for the whole family, then check out this new film in theaters this weekend.

Check out the trailer here:

4. The Other Lola Ripley Jones

 The Other Lola is a novel from author Ripley Jones that echoes Missing Clarissa. In this sequel, tune in for the erie and unforgettable mystery of Lola. Curl up with the story of the people that you can’t trust. Coming this Tuesday, wherever you get your books! 

5. The American Society of Magical Negroes

Check out this new movie from director Kobi Libii. When a young African American man gets appointed to join an underground society of magical black people, he starts to realize that he may need to use his powers for more good. You are definitely not going to want to miss out on this creative new feature film. Tune in this Friday!

6. “Manhunt”

Covering the life of former President Abraham Lincoln, this series captures Edwin Stanton’s (Brandon Flynn)  deep dive into Lincoln’s life… and death. It’s a historical fiction paired with a conspiracy thriller about the aftermath of the assassination of Honest Abe. If you are a history buff or into a good dramatic and thrilling tale, then check out “Manhunt” on Apple TV. 

7. Trolls Band Together

The Trolls gang is back with another musical performance!!! When Poppy learns that Branch was in a boy band with his brothers they sing a whole bunch. BUT, when Branch’s brother Floyd gets kidnapped, the whole bunch has to ‘band together’ to reunite and rescue Floyd from the evil hands of treacherous villains. 

8. Just Another Epic Love PoemParisa Akhbari

In the latest novel from Parisa Akhbari Just Another Epic Love Poem, read along as two friends grow closer in their journey of friendship and ultimately end up losing their dynamic as a sacrifice for love. If you love a good friends to lovers story, you don’t want to miss out on this one! And don’t forget to check out the YE exclusive with author Parisa Akhbari on our website!

9. Arthur the King

Calling all dog-lovers!!!! In the latest film Arthur The King, Michael Light is desperate to win the Amazing Racing World Championship and trains hard to get there. He works hard and goes in for one last try at the race. It’s hard and taxing and the team is extremely exhausted when they come across Arthur, a dog who runs the race with them. This is a beautiful true story of love and friendship and the relationship between man and dog.

10. Irish Wish

Starring Lindsay Lohan, “Irish Wish” is a brand new romantic comedy! When Maddie’s best friend gets engaged to the love of her life, she has to swallow her pride and stand up at the altar as a bridesmaid in an Irish wedding. But, when she makes a wish for true love, she wakes up at the bride!!! Check it out on Netflix, this weekend. 

Thanks for adding this week’s hottest releases to your radar, check back next week for more!