Blink to Publish YA Novel from Award-Winning Teen Actress and Producer Bailee Madison

Award-winning seventeen-year-old actress Bailee Madison and Reader’s Choice Award finalist author Stefne Miller teamed up to write a new young adult novel Losing Brave. Blink is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of this psychological thriller, which will release in January 2018.

“Stefne’s writing captured my attention a few years ago when I read a novel she wrote previously. Since this time, we’ve become friends and have often brainstormed fun plot lines we could write about together,” said Madison. “We are thrilled to be publishing with Blink and are looking forward to the release of Losing Brave.”
Losing Brave is the first fiction book from the teen author.
“As an award-winning actress, producer, philanthropist and now author, Bailee’s life experiences go beyond that of the average teen,” said Annette Bourland, Senior V.P. of Publishing at Blink. “She has a unique insight into what captivates the interests of teens, and the ability to tell a story they crave. We’re honored to be working with such a compassionate, bright and talented role model.”
In Losing Brave, more than a year has passed since Payton Brave’s twin sister, Dylan, went missing. Lost in the mystery and trauma surrounding her sister’s disappearance, Payton must overcome the aftermath of being the one left behind. She’s unable to remember anything that happened the day Dylan vanished. When reckless outbursts throw her from the graces of popularity to the outskirts of high school society, her new status attracts a crowd of friends she never anticipated. When another missing girl’s body is recovered, new clues unearth about the circumstances of Dylan’s disappearance. The more Payton tries to unlock her memories, the further down the path of danger she goes.
“The darkness around Dylan’s disappearance grows and the truth becomes more and more unbearable. And what she finds just might cost Payton her life,” explains Madison.
“Losing Brave is a gripping tale of overcoming tragedy, uncovering truth in uncertainty, and coming of age,” said Bourland. “Bailee Madison and Stefne Miller will take readers on an emotional journey in this suspense thriller that readers will want to read more than once. We’re incredibly pleased to include their talent among Blink’s authors.”
Losing Brave releases on January 30, 2018, and will be available in hardcover for $17.99 at retailers nationwide and online. View the exclusive cover reveal from Teen Vogue here: