“The Bold Type” review: Your newest summer obsession

Summer is in full swing, and that means new summer shows! Tonight is the premiere of Freeform’s newest show- and one of its all time best. The show, “The Bold Type,” revolves around three girls in their twenties working for a popular magazine in New York City. The three girls are about to find out where they fit in the big city of New York, and just how bold they really are.

Photo cred: “Pilot” (Freeform/John Medland)

The show opens with the three girls on a subway platform. Three best friends: Sutton, Jane, and Kat. They don’t say a word to each other, just look at one another and grabs hands. A subway train zooms past them, and the three girls let out a huge scream. (Let’s be honest, we’ve all had moments where we want to do exactly that).

The girls work for Scarlet magazine (inspired by Cosmopolitan magazine). But this is a big day for Jane, played by “Faking It” star, Katie Stevens. Jane is beginning her first day as a writer for the magazine, which has been her dream job since she was a little girl.

Her two best friends are Kat and Sutton. Kat, played by Aisha Dee, is the magazine’s social media director. Kat is the most confident of all three girls. She’s fearless, and she’ll let everyone know. Then they’re Sutton- beautiful, but stuck in an assistant position. She’s a bit bummed that her two best friends have gotten their dream job positions, but she’s supportive of them none the less.

The magazine is run by Jacklyn, a powerful and intimidating boss. Her demeanor is scary, but her wisdom is unparalleled. Unlike the bosses from hell that we’ve seen before on television, Jacklyn isn’t the bad guy here. If anything, she’s a fairy godmother. She’s the mentor that the girls will need. Despite having to answer to several older men, Jacklyn runs the magazine with a strong women’s perspective. Throughout the episode, Jacklyn encourages the girls to be bold, take risks, and be brave. She says to her female employees and readers, “It’s not how to please your man, it’s how to please yourself.”

Each of the three girls are bold in their own way. Sutton is bold in her romantic relationship, as she is secretly dating one of the magazine’s board of directors. Kat is bold in her personality, going after what she wants no matter what anyone says. In this episode, Kat sets out to convince a reluctant lesbian-Muslim activist to be included in the magazine, with some drastic results. And Jane, she’s trying to be bold in her new writing position. But this small town girl may need some help finding her bold-ness.

“The Bold Type” is a unique look at millennials that we haven’t seen before. The show is the perfect mix of sweet, smart, and sexy all in one. It’s encouraging and hopeful, but not a fantasy. It’s glamorous and seductive, but so relate-able. Life is hard, and there’s no denying that. But with friends and a good support group, you’ll get through it all. The show is filled with diverse characters and diverse relationships, mixed with a much-needed amount of female empowerment. It’s safe to say that “The Bold Type” isn’t like any other show on television, and it’s exactly what television needs.

The episode ends the same way it begins, with the three girls holding hands and screaming on the subway platform. That final scene is the very essence of the show. These girls are going to go through a lot together, some good times and some bad. But at the end of the day, they’ll be just fine, because they have each other. They’re learning to be bold in their own way- together. It’s these three bold ladies against the world.

“The Bold Type” premieres tonight at 9pm on Freeform.