Books on the Occult and Mysticism

If you enjoy reading mysterious and captivating genres that try to reveal the hidden, you will love books on occult and mysticism. Researching on all book genres ensures you have an easy time completing literature assignments especially when you pay for papers to save your own time. 

Books on the occult and mysticism illuminate on the history of occult thinking for the curious reader. As a history buff, you will enjoy reading about humans and creatures you’ve never encountered before. Here are some of the books that are sure to provide you a solid background on occult and mysticism. 

Strange Angel

This books talks about the otherworldly life of a rocket scientist. The persona John Whiteside Parsons’ experience shatters the conjured 20th century images that depict life as a blue collar conformity. 

We have gotten used to hearing tales of the great depression among other sterile visions from historical Americana. When you read Strange Angle, you’re transported out of the narrative you’re used to into a new one you’ve never encountered before.

Strange Angel tells of strange tales that seem made up especially for one who doesn’t dare to imagine the extraordinary. Jack Parsons walks you through the teachings of Aleister Crowley, the true meaning of communism and the events during the Golden Age of Science Fiction. 

So what have the Bohemian free-love colonies got to do with NASA? Jack Parsons has the answer to this and so many other disturbing questions. 

Jack Parsons proved every respected academic that considered rocketry to be foolhardy pseudoscience suited for second-rate magazines. His adventures into the outer space revolutionized rocket science into existence. 

Strange Angel documents Jack Parsons’ history throughout the development of rocket science. The book digs deeper into black magic, making it a read that goes beyond burgeoning science. 

Jack Parsons’ correspondence with Aleister Crowley and Wernher von Braun adds authenticity to Strange Angel. The book also explores Jack’s friendship with L. Ron Hubbard. It is one of those stories you have to read to believe. Using best homework help websites will help you create an effective writing story at home.

The Occult 

The Occult is a guide for those who want to walk with the Gods. Colin Wilson approaches his narration from a sobering historical viewpoint. He uses different iterations of the occult to provide an extensive guide on the extraordinary powers humans have. 

His reporting uses information discovered over the years even though most of the claims are unsustainable. Wilson uses all the information he can find about the occult to build an argument that humans are in fact powerful beings whose abilities go beyond what we deem as normal. According to The Occult, humans’ supernatural powers are dormant because the modern age has robbed us of the super focus that activates them. 

Wilson writes the Occult with and a skeptical open-mindedness. He navigates the murky waters of advanced human powers and mystical pronouncements between the Egyptian era and the times of Pythagoras. 

Wrapping Up 

While books on the occult and mysticism are not a genre most people like to read, they’re quite eye opening. These books allows you to explore a world beyond what you’re used to. Aside from opening your mind, they also helps you to think outside the box.