In case you’ve forgotten, we left off with some serious situations in Bunheads. It’s been several months since the Nutcracker fiasco, where Michelle accidently maced the young performers of Paradise Dance Academy. Now she’s living on her friend’s couch and working as a dancer for a small-time magician in Henderson, Nevada. Meanwhile in Paradise, the dance studio is closed down, leaving the students to their own devices. Ginny has taken over her mother’s business; Melanie has been caring for her grandpa, and, finally, Boo is pulling her hair out taking care of her little brother while her pregnant mother is on bed rest. After a summer at Joffrey, Sasha returns but decides to hide out with friends instead of returning back home. Michelle has returned to Las Vegas and is working as a magician’s assistant. Things are all up in the air and oh-so-soon we’ll get to see more of our favorite Bunheads in the winter premiere on Monday, January 7th at 9:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family.