The Burger Eating Contest: Jughead vs. Kevin Keller

Young Entertainment Mag recently had the chance to interview Casey Cott (Kevin Keller), and asked for his opinion on the most important mystery of the series: Who would win a burger-eating contest between Kevin and Jughead? He is very confident that Kevin would out eat Jughead in the contest (see Youtube clip below at 0:27 to see Casey’s answer). However, I believe the answer depends on which versions of the characters we are talking about.  Lets take a look at both versions, the graphic novel and the television series to see who would win.

If we look at the graphic novel versions of Jughead and Kevin, it’s obvious the winner would be Jughead. The boy eats an immense amount of burgers, and it’s seldom that we see him without a burger either in his hands or on his mind. In fact, there is an instance in the graphic novel when Jughead enters a Riverdale food-eating contest. He got the win by eating a colossal burger, which was made up of sixteen individual burgers. Like I said, no doubt about it.

Riverdale’s personification of Jughead is much different, and the audience hasn’t even seen him and a burger in the same scene yet. I may be wrong, but I don’t recall seeing Jughead eating anything during any of the episodes. He isn’t the typical teenage boy, and he doesn’t care about food as much as most people. The thought of eating more than one burger would probably disgust him.

Kevin seems to have more of a typical teenage appetite. I remember seeing him enjoy a rather large amount of snacks at the drive-in. He will probably regret it afterwards, but I can see him easily consuming six or seven burgers with a side of fries. That being said, it looks like Kevin has a strong chance of winning the contest. However, if for some reason Jughead were motivated to win, he would probably muster up the stomach space and give Kevin a run for his money.

This is all speculation of course, considering the audience has very rarely seen anyone eating food in Riverdale (which is humorous considering how many scenes take place in a diner). Instead it looks like everyone on show has a massive sweet tooth. Now if there were to be a milkshake-drinking contest, then it would be anyone’s game. It looks like in Riverdale the characters consume a number of ginormous looking milkshakes on a daily basis. Does diabetes not exist in Riverdale? Even better question: How does everyone manage to stay so thin? We can only tackle one mystery at a time.  Riverdale will be airing its season finale this week (Thursday at 9PM EST).  If you’re behind then it’s time to play “Ketchup”.


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