The Cast of ‘Recess’: Where Are They Now?

If you’re my age, then you’re probably also at that point where you namedrop your favorite childhood cartoons and kids have no idea what you’re talking about. I recall one instance where I was conversing with a group of teenagers and addressed one by saying “You look like you’re the TJ of the group.” He looked at me as if I was a talking horse named Mr. Ed. When did we get so old? Recess was a one of the best cartoons of my childhood. It was a presentation of the freedom and wonder that students get when the bell rings and they can finally breathe fresh air. Often times, it was the only motivation to get through a school day. TJ and the gang were in the 5th grade in 2003, so that would put them all at about twenty-five years old. Now that the show has done its job and helped us get through school, Young Entertainment Magazine has decided to look at what the actors are currently doing with their careers. In an additional fun twist, we’re going to give our thoughts on how each character would be living their life as a grown-up.


TJ Detweiler

The Voice Of: TJ was voiced by two actors throughout the series run. In the first season, he was voiced by Ross Malinger. In addition to his role as TJ, Ross acted in a number of notable films such as Sleepless In Seattle, Toothless, and Sudden Death. However, Ross doesn’t have many credits after his departure from Recess. In fact, as of 2008 Ross is employed as a manager for the company Automotive Legends in Malibu.

Ross was replaced by Andrew Lawrence as TJ for the remainder of the series run. About two years after Recess, Andrew found another lead role as Tayler Beene on Fox’s live action series “Oliver Beene.” The show ran for two seasons and was cancelled. After that, Andrew didn’t have many other prominent roles. His resume consists mostly of random characters in comedies and procedurals, the most recent being CSI: Cyber.

TJ: After getting through grade school, we believe TJ went to a local college and studied education. He stays close to his family, and enjoys being a pillar of his community.  He teaches physical education at the very same school that he had all of his adventures.


Vince LaSalle

The Voice Of: TJ’s right hand man, Vince, was voiced by Rickey D’Shon Collins. After Recess ended, Rickey found work as a voice actor with prominent animated shows such as Static Shock, Justice League, and a leading role as Tucker Foley on Danny Phantom. His most recent credits consist of guest appearances in several live action television shows.

Vince: Vince went on to be the captain of the high school baseball team and got a full scholarship to college based on his skill. He majored in business and met the woman of his dreams. The two got married right after graduation and moved to the big city. Vince started working with a large business firm, and spends his weekends coaching little league baseball. The couple is currently expecting their first baby.


Mikey Blumberg

The Voice Of: Jason Davis offered his voice talents as Mikey, the lovable singing chubby kid. After Recess ending, Jason doesn’t have many other credits.  The only notable one was a small role on 7th Heaven.  Last we’ve heard of him, Jason was arrested for possession of a controlled substance on January 28, 2011, in Newport Beach, California.

Mikey: Mikey lost all his weight when he hit puberty in high school, but never lost his loveable personality. He continued developing his love for singing and dancing, and got accepted to Juilliard. Mikey is currently living in New York, trying to launch his career as an actor. He has adopted a Vegan lifestyle and enjoys going on long walks with his dog, “Little Mikey”


Gus Griswald

The Voice Of: Gus was voiced by the actor Courtland Mead in the series and all of the Direct-to-VHS movies. Unfortunetly, he hasn’t been very active in the industry after Recess. His most recent credit was voicing Lloyd Nebulon in Lloyd in Space.

Gus: After middle school, Gus’s father tried forcing him to attend West Point Military Academy. However, thanks to his new developed self-esteem, Gus stood up to his father and attended the local public school with his friends. He hit a growth spurt and grew to an amazing 6’5”. Wanting to finally be free of his father’s controlling nature, he applied to schools far away from his hometown. He studied computer science, and got a job right out of college. He is currently living in Atlanta and making a six-figure salary.


Gretchen Grundler

The Voice Of: Ashley Johnson is the actress who voiced Gretchen, the nerd of the group. Ashley’s credit list is the longest out of all the cast members, across all forms of entertainment. After voicing Gretchen, she played in other televisions shows, both animated and live action. However, she also landed small roles in several films such as What Women Want and The Avengers. Currently, Ashley has a very successful career in voice acting for video games. She voiced Ellie in the critically acclaimed video game The Last of Us, and she is currently voicing the character in the upcoming sequel The Last of Us Part II.

Gretchen: Gretchen got accepted to an elite private high school, and had to say goodbye to her friends. She did extremely well, and went on to get a PHD. She is currently a scientist at Genentech and maintains her own research on the side. One of her many projects is a personalized theory for genetic mutation.


Ashley Spinelli

The Voice Of: Ashley’s voice actress, Pamela Adlon, has had a very successful career in the entertainment industry as an actress and writer/producer. After Recess, she had several other childhood roles. However, as an adult she began collaborating with actor/comedian Louie C.K. She starred with him on FX series Louie, and she won a Primetime Emmy Award for the role. In 2016, Pamela wrote and created the FX comedy Better Things. She is currently working on the second season of the show in which she portrays the lead character and writes most of the

Ashley: Ashley stayed close to her friends all through grade school. She and TJ went to their senior prom together, but saw there was no connection and decided to remain friends. Ashley majored in criminal justice in college, and she participated in the ROTC program to help pay for her education. She is currently finishing her time with the military and has a job lined up with the NYPD. She plans to move in with her old pal Mikey and can’t wait to relive the glory days with him.



Randall Weems

The Voice Of: The snitch that everyone loves to hate was voiced by Ryan O’Donohue. Ryan’s career has been strictly in voice acting, with no credits in live action. While he was working on Recess, he was also voicing Matt McGinnis on the series Batman Beyond and all of the animated films. He went on to voice Demyx in Kingdom Hearts II, and continued the role in many of the spinoffs. His most recent credit was that very role in Kingdon Hearts HD 2.5 Remix.

Randall: Randall continued his snake-like ways throughout grade school, and he never had friends because of it. Having no friends or attachments to the community he dropped out of school in his senior year, grabbed what little money he had, and started hitchhiking across the country. Eventually he reached Los Angeles and started to work as a waiter to make money. Eventually he realized he was always so much of tattletale that he could never have any fun. Making up for lost time, he bought a motorcycle and got involved with the local M.C. He is currently a dedicated member, and isn’t afraid to get his hands a little dirty.


The Ashleys

Ashley A

The Voice Of: The leader of the clique was voiced Anndi McAfee. In addition to Recess, Anndi is known for voicing Cera in The Land Before Time and Phoebe in Hey Arnold!. The latter of which she will reprise in the upcoming Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. Anndi is currently living in New York and trying to expand her career in voiceover work.

Ashley A: We at YEM believe Ashley A went the typical route of the rich popular girl. She stayed with her clique, and continued judging and ridiculing others for as long as she could. Once college came knocking, she left her friends for a fancy Ivy-league and found new followers. To her parent’s disapproval, she studied fashion design and used her connections to intern for a major fashion firm in-between semesters. After graduation she moved to New York on her father’s dime and started working as an associate for the same firm. Just two months ago, her father got tired of paying for her expensive lifestyle and cut her off. Never having to work for herself, she has had major trouble adjusting to adulthood. She just gave up her Park Avenue apartment for one in the Bronx and is going through a major social shock.

Ashley B

The Voice Of: Francesca Smith is the actress who voiced the second in command of the Ashley clique. She had a number of guest roles before Recess, but very few credits after. Like Ashley A actress, Anndi McAfee, she also work on Hey Arnold!. She voiced Helga Patacki for the series run, and will return for the upcoming movie Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.

Ashley B: Ashley B had a major falling out with the Ashley clique in high school.  She attempted a takeover, trying to get Ashley A thrown out. The other two Ashleys didn’t follow suite, and she was exiled. Ashley B was then forced to find her independence and make new friends. It took time, but she did a total 180 and became a good person. She made a use of her parent’s money and got a master’s degree in Creative Writing. She just finished writing her first book and is very close with her younger siblings.

Ashley Q

The Voice Of: Rachel Crane is the actress who voiced Ashley Q. After Recess she voiced the recurring character Megan Uno in Lloyd From Space, and she had a few small roles in animated films and TV shows. The last time we heard her was as additional voices in the 2012 film Hotel Transylvania.

Ashley Q: Ashley Q was definitely the snobbiest of all the Ashleys, and we don’t think that ever changed. After the Ashleys separated she filled the hole by constantly dating rich guys and having them buy her stuff. When college came, her parents bought her a place and gave a nice sized donation to the school. She became a party girl and drank herself sick most weekends. Ashley graduated with degree in music and dance, planning to be the next hot singer. She is currently living in Nashville with one of her boyfriends. She is constantly obsessed with her appearance, and suffering from an eating disorder.

Ashley T

The Voice Of: Camille Winbush voiced the least vocal of the Ashleys. After Recess, Camille had a number of guest and recurring roles on shows such as ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and Criminal Minds. She is still active in the industry and has two films set to release this year.

Ashley T: Ashley T was the smartest of the Ashleys, and we think she grew out of her snobbishness when the Ashleys separated. However, she had trouble making friends due to her shyness, so she spent more time with her family and developed a real interest in her father’s profession. She started working for him in the summers and went to college at a nice business school. She’s currently living at home, working with her father, and attending law school. After passing the bar, she plans to open her own law firm, specializing in business law.