Get Ready To Travel Through Time And Space In Marvel’s “What If…?”

Tony Stark is making appearances once again in the Marvel universe! The fans are in for a mind thrilling and possibly confusing ride with him while he travels through time, space, and timelines in the new Marvel studio series appropriately named “What If…?”

So, the fans are in for a treat. Some very popular and beloved Marvel heroes are returning for the series. For example, Peggy Carter, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, and rumored to be even more! Marvel fans will be ecstatic to see their favorite heroes coming back and even better as a series which means more screen time for the fans.

The series revolves around one question, “What If?” What if Tony Stark met Erik Killmonger? What if Peggy Carter took the hero serum? This is what the show is built around. All the possibilities that could possibly be for better or create doomsday. Yikes, these guys literally have the entire universe on their shoulders. 

The trailer gives Marvel fans a weird and unique look into the Marvel universe. They get to look into so many different timelines that somehow all connect to each other. All the “what ifs” that they have been wondering all this time. This show will enlighten them with the outcome of those possibilities. 

Hopefully, by the end of the series the fans will get to see whether it is really worth it to meddle with time or is the age-old advice with any time-space movie or show of don’t mess with time be really all that true? 

Guess the fans will just have to wait until August 11th. If you haven’t watched it yet (which is pretty unrealistic since Marvel fans are constantly looking for any new updates) you can check it out on Youtube here