YEM Interview: A chat with the cast of The Sky Is Everywhere (video content)

The Sky Is Everywhere is about a shy, teenage musician who tries to keep things together in the aftermath of her older, more outgoing sister’s death. It premiered on Apple TV+ and in select theaters on February 11th. YEM was able to interview Grace Kaufman, Jacques Colimon, and Pico Alexander. Grace portrays the role of Lennie Walker, Jacques plays Joe Fontaine, and Pico plays Toby Shaw.

When Grace was asked “What is one thing that really helps you get into or create your character? Whether it’s an acting technique, real life experience, or just something else. What was the one thing that helped you get into your character the most.”. She responded by saying “This is something that I actually started for The Sky is Everywhere, and I have been doing it ever since and it’s really helped me. It’s very specific. It’s kinda odd but I got the part and was able to read the script and was able to break down Lennie’s character more and get a better feeling for her, and just how I could personally relate to her, and just who she is and what she is going through more in depth. I actually created a playlist chock-full of music that I think Lennie would listen to. I put a lot of the Beatles on there because of her nickname John Lennon, I actually went through a huge Beatles phase while we were filming. That’s kind of all I listened to just because I think their music is so heartfelt and sentimental. I also had a lot of music that I thought would remind Lennie of her sister Bailey, music that was maybe very uplifting that maybe she would think about Joe with, and music that was maybe a little bit more somber that and deep that maybe she thought about Toby with. So that helped, I listened to that everyday. It got me ready and in the zone, and I definitely relied on that”. 

Make sure to watch the full interview with Grace , Jacques, and Pico below. The interview is one you can not miss. It’s full of fun facts and so much information about the movie, their characters, and much more. Watch The Sky is Everywhere on Apple TV+ and in select theaters .

Interview with the cast of The Sky is Everywhere