HSMTMTS Side Characters We Need To See More Of

Season 3 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is in the works. The crew is heading to Camp Shallow Lake for the summer. Here is a list of side characters from the series we need to see more of!

Kaden Dayton

He can sing, He can dance, He can act. So let’s see more of Kaden Dayton! He is featured often throughout the series and has definitely made his mark. It’s time Kaden takes center stage. Maybe his character will have a prominent part in the wildcats performance of Frozen.

Alexis Nelis

A dream of a stage manager and always ready to get down to work, Alexis Nelis’ character, Natalie Bagley is comedy gold. Will Natalie stage-manage Frozen at Camp Shallow Lake? Or will she be a part of the cast?

Jordan Fisher

Gina’s brother, Jamie Porter, a successful, talented music producer enters the HSMTMTS world in season 2. While he was only in one episode, there is much to discuss. Gina introduced Nini to Jamie, so will there be developments with this new connection? Will Jamie help Nini blast off her songwriting career?

Roman Banks

Roman Banks’s character, Howie, is best known for being Kourtney’s boyfriend. He may be a North Higher, but it was revealed that he has a heart of gold. Remember how blown away he was with Kourtney’s performance in Beauty and the Beast? Hopefully, Howie and Kourtney will still be going strong in season 3, so maybe, just maybe, he will be featured in the show.

Asher Angel

Remember when Gina was stuck at the airport over Spring Break? Remember a certain boy who kept her company? None other than Asher Angel, or his character, Jack! The two passed the time in the airport by getting into all sorts of trouble, but one thing is for sure: the two had major chemistry. Since E.J. is going to college, will Jack make a surprise appearance for Gina?

Which of these actors do you want to see in season 3 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series?