Love them or hate them the ‘PLL’ guys have got us wrapped around their little finger

Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Alison: The Liars. Or as we know them, the five strongest females of Rosewood. After seven seasons together, we’ve met so many characters whether they be friends, foes, or love interests. Let’s take a look back at the 22 best and most memorable guys of “Pretty Little Liars.”

22. Jordan Hobart


Jordan was introduced to the show as Hanna’s fiancé. Too bad she dumped his ass.

21. Lorenzo Calderon


This officer-turned-detective is most known by fans for his Season 6 fling with Alison. He always saw the good in Alison, even after she jeopardized his job more than once.

20. Jake

Jake is a nice guy who catches Aria’s eye. But let’s face it-there’s not much to him. This guy doesn’t even have a last name.

19. Darren Wilden

Trouble seemed to follow this guy everywhere, so let’s just think of him as a hot cop and leave it at that.

18. Wesley Fitz

If you’re going to pick a Fitz, obviously you’ll pick Ezra. But does Wren get bonus points for being played by Gregg Sulkin?

17. Gabriel Holbrooke

I think we can all agree that this guy is way too attractive to be a detective.

16. Sean Ackard

He’s gorgeous and he’s blonde and I think that’s about it?

15. Alex Santiago

Spencer deserves a nice hard working guy, even though this guy didn’t stick around for long.

14. Lyndon/ Nate St. Germain

This guy definitely fits the definition of memorable. He pretends to be Maya’s cousin, but is actually her stalker? And then hurts Caleb? He’s memorable, but that doesn’t mean we have to like him.

13. Archer Dunhill/ Elliot Rollins

This guy was married to Alison, took the identity of a dead doctor, and somehow still gives me Neville Longbottom vibes.

12. Andrew Campbell

So first Aria dates her teacher, and then she dates this guy, her doctor. She’s living out every inappropriate fantasy girls have had about dating an authority figure.

11. Holden Strauss

Who wouldn’t want a sweet childhood friend who returns and has gotten hotter? Perfect person to have a fake relationship with.

10. Lucas Gottesman

He had his good moments and he had some creepy moments, but he’s so nice and looks so much like Adam Brody, so it’s hard not to like him.

9. Ian Thomas

Proof that one man can somehow be both adorable and terrifying.

8. Noel Kahn

Jealousy isn’t pretty everyone, and this guy is proof. He blackmailed Ezra and almost got him fired for his relationship with his student, Aria. (Wait, maybe Noel was doing the right thing? No, breaking up Ezria can never be the right thing, right?)

7. Wren Kingston

It’s pretty hard to forget a British doctor who dated two of the Liars.

6. Travis HobbsHe may not have been Hanna’s true love, but he was pretty perfect.

Now we get to the best of the best. We already know the Liars are the five most fabulous ladies of PLL. But now, it’s time for the five most memorable men.

5. Jason DiLaurentis
Jason has always had an interesting relationship with the Liars. He’s Spencer’s step-brother, he had a crush on Aria, but most interesting of all was his relationship with Alison. The bother and sister duo had a lot of ups and downs: mostly downs. They had a very hateful relationship from the start, but like every brother and sister, they had each other’s backs. They kept each other’s secrets. And they were there for each other even when they hated each other.

4. Mike Montgomery

It’s impossible not to feel for Aria’s little brother. Mike took their parent’s divorce really hard, and struggled with mental illness ever since. He often had fits of anger, even at one point punching his sister’s boyfriend (who was much older and bigger than him). As the seasons went on, Mike started to see a therapist and work on his anger issues. He repaired his relationship with his family, and established a relationship with Mona. It’s hard not to root for Mike’s success.

3. Toby Cavanaugh

Toby is the kind of character where either you love him, you hate him, or you love to hate him. But no one can deny that he’s definitely kept everyone’s attention for all seven seasons of the show. One day you think he’s the bad guy, then the good guy, then vice versa. We find out in Season 3 that he is actually a part of the A-team, but eventually made amends with the Liars, helping Emily with her sexuality and reconciling with his girlfriend, Spencer.

2. Ezra Fitz

As unconventional as it may be, the Aria/Ezra relationship is iconic, and easily the most popular of PLL. Ezra was Aria’s teacher in high school as the two began their relationship. After attempts to end the relationship between teacher and student, Aria and Ezra realized they couldn’t live without each other. Throughout the show, there have been quite a few bumps in the road for this couple, but they always find their way back to each other. At the end of Season 6, Ezra proposed to Aria, and Ezria fans everywhere rejoiced.

1. Caleb Rivers

Caleb is about as perfect as a character can get on PLL. He started out as a hacker with a shady past, but ended up becoming a great friend and support system for the liars. His relationship with Hanna is one of the most beautiful and loving relationships of the show. Despite being shot (and leaving PLL for his own failed spinoff), Caleb has always been dependable and a favorite to fans of the show.

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