Check Out This Awesome Taylor Swift Like Friendship Necklace Luke David Blum Made for the Movie, Lola! We FaceTimed With Him to Hear All About It

At just 14 years old, Luke David Blumm has already made a name for himself. He co stars with Nicole Peltz Beckham in her directorial debut for the indie film Lola.  Luke plays Arlo, the nine-year-old younger brother of Lola James played by Nicole. In the film, Lola James works to save money so she and Arlo can escape their dysfunctional home. We got to chat with Luke about making his necklace, his favorite scenes to film, and what it was like to play Arlo. 

Lola is set in 2002 in Middle America and 19-year-old Lola James is desperately working to save enough money to get her little brother Arlo out of their toxic home and away from their violent mother, played by Virginia Madsen. But one tragic night, her whole life gets uprooted and things will never be the same. 

Nicola wrote the screenplay and co-directed the film. The film was the directorial and writing debut for her. Luke talked to us about working on set with Nicola and said she was great as a director, writer, and star of the film. She brought energy into every single scene, which made it easy for Luke to get into character as Arlo.

“Playing Arlo has just been one of the best characters that I’ve ever played. He has so much energy and he is just so upbeat all the time and he just brought a light to the movie.”

Consider This: 

  • Surround yourself and work with people with similar energy and kindness. This will make everything more enjoyable and help you to produce the best work. 

Luke has also taken that energy with him into other roles including the film Avenue of the Giants. Luke comes from a family of actors and his dad is his acting coach. He’s no stranger to a film set and had already appeared in The Walking Dead, The King of Staten Island, The Watcher, The Sinner, and Where the Crawdads Sing film. 

“I really like playing serious characters or characters in dramas because they have a lot of depth to them.”

One of the best behind-the-scenes moments for Luke was making necklaces with the cast while hanging out and learning their lines together. Luke’s necklace spelled out Arlo and he actually wore it in the film. 

Thank you, Luke, for FaceTiming with Young Entertainment! Follow him on his Instagram at @lukedavidblummofficial. Watch the rest of the interview, where we ask him more questions about his favorite scenes to film and his GRWM routine. Like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment.


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