Cobra Kai Relationships | All About Your Favorite Cobra Kai Couples

When it comes to Cobra Kai couples, things are constantly changing. With so many different Cobra Kai relationships in the series, it can be tough to choose just one to root for! One day they’re together, the next day they’re not. It can be hard to keep up with all the changes, but we’re here to help. Here’s a look at some of the most popular Cobra Kai couples and where they stand today.

All about your Favorite Cobra Kai Couples

Johnny and Ali

Johnny and Ali were one of the original Cobra Kai couples. They dated briefly in high school, but they eventually broke up. However, they got back together when they met again as adults. But their relationship didn’t last long and they eventually broke up again. As of now, it doesn’t seem like these two will be getting back together anytime soon.

Johnny and Ali from Cobra Kai

Daniel and Amanda

Another original Cobra Kai couple is Daniel and Amanda. They dated in high school, got married, and had a couple of kids. One of those children is a fan-favorite character, Samantha LaRusso. They’re currently still together and seem to be going strong. The show does a great job of showcasing many of their relationship’s ups and downs.

Daniel Larusso and Amanda from karate show Cobra Kai

Miguel and Sam

Miguel and Sam are the new kids on the block when it comes Cobra Kai couples. They started dating in season 2 of the show and have been off and on throughout the seasons. They seem to be happy with each other but have a lot of issues to work through. Fans are rooting for this couple as they seem to be a match made in heaven.

Young couple Miguel and Sam from Cobra Kai TV show

Robby and Tory

Robby and Tory are one of our fan-favorite Cobra Kai couples. They started dating in season 2 of the show and another one that has been off and on. Things are a bit complicated between them, and fans can’t quite tell where the relationship is headed. Robby has some history with Samantha LaRusso that keeps causing problems and everyone’s waiting to see if Robby and Tory are going to end up together. In fact, we wrote a whole article specifically on Robby and Tory from Cobra Kai that you can check out HERE.

Robby and Tory Relationship from Cobra Kai

Johnny and Carmen

Johnny and Carmen are beginning to live the dream. Johnny seems to be growing up and is clearly in love with Carmen, Miguel’s mother. During the final episodes of the last season of Cobra Kai fans were able to learn a lot about their relationship. It’s been great to see Johnny begin to grow up and take more responsibility in his life and relationships.

Johnny and Carmens relationship from Cobra Kai a Karate Kid Spin off

Additional Cobra Kai Relationships

There are a few Cobra Kai couples that we know about but we haven’t got a ton of insight on. We didn’t want to lead them out of our article and can’t wait to learn more about these couples. We hope in future seasons of Cobra Kai that they showcase more of these “less mainstream” couples.

Demetri and Yasmine

There hasn’t been much screen time for this Cobra Kai relationship but it’s clear there’s some love in the air. Demetri is known for being a certain type and he’s clearly sparked the interest of one of the cutest girls in school. We don’t know a ton about Yasmine but we’re happy for Demetri and can’t wait to see how this relationship progresses. It’s always good to see the good guys win!

's relationship from Cobra Kai

Moon and Eli (Hawk)

Eli and Moon are another one of those Cobra Kai relationships that haven’t got a ton of time on the screen. Eli is a character who has experienced so much character development throughout the seasons, it’s good to see him in a serious relationship. Moon and Eli are far from perfect but we’re rooting for them and look forward to seeing how this Cobra Kai relationship evolves.

Relationship of Eli and Moon from Cobra Kai

Final Thoughts on these Cobra Kai Relationships

Overall, there have been some ups and downs when it comes to Cobra Kai couples. Some relationships have made it through tough times, while others have broken up. But one thing is for sure: Cobra Kai relationships are always changing. So who knows what the future holds for these couples? Only time will tell.

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