YEM Exclusive Interview | with Charlie Gillespie from the film “The Class”

Hello there YEM readers! We have yet another great and exclusive interview in store! YEM recently had the pleasure of sitting down with rising young actor Charlie Gillespie to discuss his role in the upcoming coming-of-age film “The Class.” Read ahead to find out the film’s synopsis, Charlie’s character, and a quick rundown of our interview with Charlie.

“The Class” (based off the 1980’s classic film “The Breakfast Club”) follows six high school seniors who are given one more chance to graduate by enrolling in a one-day makeup class. The Class itself symbolizes the highly complex and frequently unspoken issues that today’s teenagers deal with in society.

Charlie Gillespie

The story of “The Class” begins on a Saturday; the students are seated next to classmates they had never gotten to know during the regular semester.

The teens barely pay attention to one another as they check their smartphones and crack cheesy jokes. Additionally, they are finding it difficult to concentrate on their assignment to write a performance scene and perform it with a partner.

It’s even more difficult for Mr. Faulk (Anthony Michael Hall), the assistant principal, who is spending some of the weekends supervising the Class with Ms. Long (Debbie Gibson).

Ms. Long is unquestionably the students’ advocate, while Faulk constantly tries to keep the children in line. She merely wants to offer them the freedom to discover their inner selves and learn the value of self-expression.

As the minutes pass, the kids are left alone to work but make no progress—until the kids’ nasty remarks ultimately spark Michael’s hurt feelings.

The remaining five are affected by his authentic experience, and as they each relate their own story in turn, they learn more about one another and, more significantly, about themselves.

Up-and-coming and rising star Charlie Gillespie plays Jason in “The Class”. Charlie describes Jason as laid back and chill but with an edgy and deeply complex side.

Charlie Gillespie

In real life, Charlie is a world away from his character’s persona. Born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada, Charlie began acting as a child. He is also an accomplished musician who can play various instruments, including the guitar, bass guitar, piano, violin, saxophone, piano, and trombone. Charlie made his big screen debut in the 2014 film titled “Le gang des hors-la-loi”. He has also had roles in many popular television programs such as “Charmed”, “Degrassi: Next Class”, “The Rest of Us”, and “Runt”, just to name a few.

In the Netflix musical series “Julie and the Phantoms”, which aired in 2020, Gillespie was cast in the part of Luke Patterson. Alongside him in the series were fellow stars Jeremy Shada, Owen Joyner, and Madison Reyes. Charlie also co-wrote and performed the song “Perfect Harmony” with Madison Reyes.

Charlie has a large fan following and has amassed an impressive 1.5 million followers on Instagram (we will give you the name of his handle to follow at the end of the article.)

In his interview with YEM, Charlie discussed a wide array of topics with us about “The Class”, his character Jason, his acting, and so much more!

Charlie Gillespie

YEM started by asking Charlie what the weather was like in Canada and what were some of his favorite pastimes. From what YEM gathered from his response, life with Charlie in Canada seems like a fun, whirlwind experience! Stay tuned in the interview to find out exactly what was said! Of course, YEM had to ask Charlie about his character in “The Class”. His response about the perhaps surprising complexity of the character reveals that the movie is not what audiences might assume it to be at first glance. Charlie also revealed his tips on overcoming nerves by citing how he aces his casting interviews. YEM also discussed with Charlie what fame has been like for him since he starred as Luke Patterson in the hit Netflix series “Julie and the Phantoms”. Watch the interview to find out his charming and humble response!

Thanks to Charlie Gillespie for sitting down with YEM and speaking with us! Follow Charlie on his official Instagram account @charlie_gillespie. YEM readers, don’t forget to watch “The Class” which is currently available for streaming on Roku. Please watch our interview at the link below. While you’re there, like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest entertainment updates. And if you still can’t get enough YEM content, feel free to read our articles and watch our other celebrity interviews on our website and social media platforms, such as YouTube and Twitter.

THE CLASS is now available in the U.S. & Canada on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, DISH, Hulu, and Verizon. FYI: The Class is similar to; but NOT a homage to, or remake of The Breakfast Club. It was originally written as a TV series about a drama class that turned into a movie. Anthony Michael Hall loved the script and wanted to be part of it. So did John Kapelos.