How to create the perfect reading nook in five simple steps

Have a never-ending list of books to read, but nowhere to read them? Whether you’re on the train, in a café or straining your neck in bed, not having the right space can suck the joy out of reading.

If this feels like a familiar problem, you could benefit from creating your own reading nook. But how do you start setting up this special space? 

In this article, we’ll explain how to create the perfect reading nook in five simple steps.

  1. Choose your space

You need to find a suitable spot for your reading nook. Ideally, it will be space that isn’t currently being used for anything important. For example, the corner of a room or the space near a window. But you can always rearrange your existing set up if needs be. Try to pick a place that’s as quiet as possible. You don’t want to be disturbed by lots of loud noises while you’re engrossed in a good read. 

  1. Prioritise comfort

The best books can have you enthralled for hours, so it’s important you can spend plenty of time in your reading nook. This means it must be comfortable. Get creative with furnishings to make your new reading haven as comfy as possible, choosing plump chairs, fluffy pillows and cosy throws. If you don’t have a carpet in the room, make sure you lay down a nice thick rug underfoot.

  1. Add storage

Your reading nook will need to include space for all your reading materials. This doesn’t mean it has to have floor-to-ceiling bookcases, but it should at least have some storage for your books. You could install some floating shelves or buy a side table with shelves or drawers. If you’ve chosen a bay window for your reading nook space, you could even install bespoke storage solutions for bay windows. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure you have space for your books.

  1. Let there be light

Having ample light is crucial for your reading nook. You need to make a compromise between having enough brightness to read and keeping the lights dim for a cosy atmosphere. Consider how you can keep your reading nook well-lit both during the day and late at night. Ideally, you’ll be in a position that brings plenty of natural light into your space. You can supplement this with a special reading light or even just a simple adjustable lamp if you prefer.

  1. Personalise your space

To help you feel at ease in your reading nook, it helps to make it reflect you. Think about your personality, style and how you want to feel in this space. Then choose a colour palette to match. Decorate your space with plants, wall art, candles and anything else that you think will help you enjoy your reading nook to the max. 

Making the perfect reading nook isn’t easy. But you’ll be well on your way if you follow our simple steps above. When your reading nook is comfortable, functional and personal to you, you’re sure to find reading for hours irresistible.