CW’s Archie Reboot is official – Here’s our ideal Archie cast picks!

Archie is officially crossing over to television on the CW!

The show will be called, ‘Riverdale’ and will be in the vein of teen drama’s like ‘Dawson’s Creek’ or the ‘OC’ with the Archie Comics characters. Here’s what we know:  Greg Berlanti, creator, writer, and producer of “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Supergirl” is involved. There’s going to be lots of music in it involving Josie and the Pussycats. And we’ve also been assured by the creative team that “Archie will be hot.” Thank goodness. With that to go on, YE created our ideal Archie cast.

Check it out below!

archie cast

Adam Hicks as ‘Archie Andrews’

Adam Hicks

You can’t have a dream Archie cast without the perfect Archie Andrews. We present Adam Hicks, who you may know from Disney Channel’s, “Zeke and Luther.” If you are familiar with the series, everything just clicked! Red Hair? Check. Hot. Check. More than that, he’s got comedy chops, musical skills and television experience.  Like Luther, Archie Andrews is a lovable, goodhearted klutz, who loves his friends, his music and the ladies. Adam is too perfect for the role!

Willa Fitzgerald as ‘Betty Cooper’Willa Fitzgerald

You might recognize Willa from MTV’s Scream or from our own Up and Comer feature on her! She’s got the perfect girl next door look with a lot more behind her eyes. Willa is a perfect match to bring Betty’s many stories to life!

Nina Dobrev as Veronica Lodge

NIna Dobrev

Veronica Lodge aka “Ronnie” is the third corner of the Archie, Betty love triangle. “The Vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev is perfect to bring the sassy, fashionista, bad girl to life. And she certainly already knows how to deliver a one liner.

Joshua Hoffman as ‘Jughead Jones’

Joshua Hoffman

Whizkid Joshua Hoffman can currently be seen on “Talia in the Kitchen” but we didn’t pick him because he’s on a show about food. (Though it’s a natural choice) Forsythe P. Jones, III aka “Jughead Jones” is Archie’s laid back best pal with a love of all things food and an analytical mind. Joshua’s prior acting roles and many personal hobbies and interests make him perfect for this thinker with a kind heart. Learn more about Joshua when our exclusive interview with him comes out next month!

Tyler Posey as ‘Reggie Mantle’

tyler posey

This is real wishful thinking. After starring in ‘Teen Wolf’ Tyler probably wouldn’t play Archie’s self absorbed rival. Although we’d get it if he looked in the mirror constantly like Reggie Mantle. I mean, look at him!

Jasmine Richards as ‘Valerie Smith’

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.25.10 PM

Valerie Smith is one third of “The Pussycats.” She’s loves rocking out and playing the bass and even is a love interest for Archie in the comics. Jasmine Richards is perfect for the roll. She’s best known for “Camp Rock,” a little movie you may have heard of, proving she’s got the musical talents and acting chops. We’d love to see her bring Valerie to life!

Maia Mitchell as ‘Josie McCoy’

Maia Mitchell

Okay who doesn’t love Maia Mitchell. She stars on ABC Family’s the Fosters but a lot of people don’t know she’s also musically inclined. Check out this clip from Disney Channel’s “This is Who I am” where she talks about her love of music. Her laid back attitude and cool girl vibe makes her perfect to play Josie McCoy, lead singer of Josie and The Pussycats.

Zoey Deutch as ‘Melody Valentine’


Zoey is no stranger to the young adult world. She’s best known for her roles on “The Suite Life on Deck,” “The Ringer,” “Switched at Birth,” and Vampire Academy. She’s the perfect addition to round out the pussycats because of her bubbly personality and fun style.

Alexander Ludwig as ‘Kevin Keller’

ALexander Ludwig


Alexander Ludwig is best known for his role as Cato in “The Hunger Games” but you might not remember that he was the male costar of AnnaSophia Rob in “Race To Witch Mountain.” He’s quite a charmer and perfect to play late bloomer, Kevin Keller, Archie’s friend, social justice advocate and only gay character.


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