Pretty Little Liars: Guess who got FrAmed?

***Spoiler Alert***

As the countdown to A’s reveal continues, each episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ gets more jam packed than the prior. This episode featured major reveals, sick twist and turns and shocking connections.

Check out YE’s favorites! 

Red Coat! Red COAT! RED COAT!

Red Coat Is Back

It’s been a while since Red Coat made an appearance. She’s always a trouble maker.

Is that you Charles?


Who didn’t see this guy and immediately think of Charles? He’s got the quaffed hair, sly smile and face of a liar that screams DiLaurentis, but could it really be that easy?

Oh, FrAmed. Clever, PLL, Clever.


Poor Aria. She can’t get a moment to be happy. At her first art show, that she had to fight to go to, A replaced her art with her worst memory. Ella was devastated. Hanna couldn’t look away. Spencer and Emily wanted answers. Dang, A, maybe take one night off?

Red Coat is always watching.

Red Coat watches the moms

A devastated Ella goes to Ashley to figure out how to help their daughters, but a solution will be harder than they realize with Red Coat watching their every move. She’s everywhere and nowhere!

Who are these for?

Who are these for?    

Six injections. Four Liars. Who are the other two for? Sara, Mona, Ali, who else? Who does A want now!

Guess who’s going to prom?

A's going to Prom

Prom was a hot topic this episode. The school doesn’t want the girls to go. Some girls want to go, other’s don’t seem to. Emily wants to take Sara. Aria asked Ezra and it failed. But none of that really matters when we learn that A and Red Coat will be there. The liar’s dates are the last thing we’re thinking about now!

Did we miss any of your favorite crazy moments?