Dont Call Me Angel (Forsaken 1)

Original author: Alicia Wright Brewster

About the Book:

By Dragonfairy Press

ISBN 9780985023034

After crawling her way out of Hell, Six is ready to cast aside her angel wings and all the responsibilities that come with them. But Earth is not as peaceful as she imagined it. Demons, dark angels, and other hell-beasties escaped before her, and they’re not as content as she is to live a quiet life on Earth.

A fellow angel who escaped Hell with her commits a series of soul-murders, destroying human souls so they can’t go to the afterlife. Although Six has conflicting feelings about humans, she goes after the other angel to keep their escape a secret from the one she fears most.


About the Author:

I am a mild-mannered lady of average height and above average paranormal obsession. By day, I work in an office. At night, I’m an author, an electronics junkie, and a secret superhero. (Please don’t ask what my superpower is. That’s not very polite.) In my virtually non-existent free time, I love to read, watch movies, and eat food. I am particularly fond of the food-eating and make a point to perform this task at least three times per day, usually more.

I studied computer science in school, hence my love for electronics. I try to be extra kind to my devices. Most of them have names, and I talk to them in hushed, calming tones when they are being uncooperative. If I’m nice to them, perhaps they will consider me a friend when Skynet becomes self-aware and they rise up against us.


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