Dylan Obrien Maze Runner Teen Wolf Top Teen Actors

Dylan O’Brien has been charming the pants off us since 2011, when he exploded off of the small screen as Stiles Stilinski, best friend of Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), Teen Wolf‘s title character. Now set to debut in his first starring role on the big screen, Dylan will be taking on the role of Thomas in the upcoming book-to-screen thriller The Maze Runner.

We were instantly drawn in by Stiles’ ADD antics, quick wit, and fantastic comic timing. Dylan breathed incredible life into Stiles, a role that could have fallen flat in the arms of the wrong actor. Over the course of Teen Wolf‘s four seasons, we’ve also seen Dylan grow his dramatic acting abilities. In the second half of Season Three, as Stiles struggled against the powerful Nogitsune, we got to see a much more serious, darker side to Stiles.

While working on Teen Wolf, Dylan has made a few other appearances in film and on TV. In one of the most hilarious episodes of New Girl, a flash-back episode entitled “Virgins,” he portrayed a tuxedo-clad, singing, guitar-playing high school senior who almost went all the way with Jess (Zoey Deschanel) after their prom.

Dylan has been adding to his film resume as well. He had major roles in two independent films, 2011’s High Road, where he played a teenage rebel on the run with a down and out pot dealer, and 2012’s The First Time, a romantic comedy in which he played opposite Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle, Under The Dome). Also in 2012, he appeared in the comedy The Internship, in which he played a Google tech-hipster opposite Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

On September 19, Dylan’s biggest role yet hits the big screen. Leading a cast of fresh and familiar faces, Dylan will play Thomas, a young man who wakes up with no memory in a strange compound known only as The Glade, the only escape from which is through an impenetrable maze. As he settles into his new life, the prospect of escaping through the mysterious maze overwhelms him, and forces him to take action.

We think Dylan O’Brien will remain one of our favorite young actors for many years to come, and we absolutely can’t wait for The Maze Runner!