Erin Reese speaks with YEM about how her parents help her find balance in her life

Erin Reese is an actress and country breakout artist. She has starred in Brat TV Chicken Girls and two Dolly Parton films. Erin also has new singles that have recently been released. YEM was able to speak with Erin about her biggest music inspirations, what being on the set of Chicken Girls is like, and what the process of creating her single was like.

Young Entertainment Mag: Do you remember the moment you knew you wanted to make music?

Erin Reese: Yes, when I was performing in musical theater. I loved being on stage and incorporating singing, dancing & acting

YEM: Have you always been drawn to country music?

Erin: I’ve grown up listening to country music but love all styles of music.

YEM: What can you say about your new single “Little bit of Blue” coming out?

Erin: I’m so excited for everyone to hear this song. The lyrics are about changing one’s perspective of how they see the color blue. Instead of blue being associated with sadness the song helps you see the beauty of in the color blue.

YEM: What was the process like creating the single?

Erin: Any time I’m in the studio with my team it’s always a good time. Little Bit of Blue started with me being asked by writers what’s my favorite color. From there the team build off thoughts we each share. The whole process is new to me but really cool.

YEM: Who are your biggest music inspirations?

Erin: I have an old souls love artists older than me like, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. Current inspirations are Kasey Musgrave, Lauren Daigle and Carrie Underwood.

YEM: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to get into music?

Erin: Work hard, take vocal lessons, journal daily and perform anywhere you can!

YEM: How do you hope your listeners feel when they listen to your music?

Erin: Hopefully they are inspired and enjoy the positive message. It’s important that my music makes those who listen feel good and it’s relatable.

YEM: You are also an actress and a model, how do you balance everything?

Erin: It’s tricky at times juggling auditions, classes, booked jobs and living as normal a life as possible but my parents make sure I find balance.

YEM: What made you want to also take part in acting?

Erin: It just evolved naturally from modeling. I began taking workshops and eventually entered into the CGTV program owned and taught by actor Adrian R’Mante. Adrian was on Suite Life of Zack and Cody, his program is amazing for all ages and opened so many doors for me.

YEM: What was being on the set of Chicken Girls like?

Erin: A lot of fun, everyday working with your friends is always a good time! The cast and crew loved being silly on set.

YEM: What is something you learned from being on the set filming Chicken Girls?

Erin: How to balance school and working. It was sometimes challenging.

YEM: Has being an actor helped your music and vice versa?

Erin: Yes! It’s helps with your performance.

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