Exclusive premiere: Sammi Rae Murciano’s “Unpredictable” music video

Music fans! We’ve got a special surprise for you today. It’s the exclusive premiere of singer/songwriter Sammi Rae Murciano’s newest music video!

The video is for Sammi’s latest single “Unpredictable.” (The song was released in September and is now available to purchase and stream online.) The music video was shot on the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY adding an incredible visual element to the song which champions strength and empowerment.

Sammi’s last three song EP The Storyfocuses on anti-bullying and the hardships Murciano has faced and overcome in the past. It includes singles Reflectionalong with Back to Me– about wanting to move forward and finding the strength to trust and love again, and Never Letting Go– a track she says she wants to inspire otherscontinuing no one should let anyone stop them from doing what they love. The final track also sums up the feelings that connect through the whole EP in a sense, one of the lyrics being Take the risk or the chance to lose it all, let the burning desire gowhich she expresses as meaning you should always take a chance and do what you are passionate about each and every day.”

With Unpredictable,  Murciano continues her mantra saying that the song talks about not letting anyone stop you from following your dreams”. Rising above any criticisms, she continues I’ve never let anything that anyone has said to me change me or bring me down, and I like to talk about that to inspire other people who may be going through the same things”.

Watch the video here!  

Check out the song “Unpredictable” on Spotify at https://goo.gl/4Stf6eTo Purchase “Unpredictable” via iTunes, visit: https://apple.co/2C5BKap 

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