Famous in Love: Music Playlist

The newest Freeform show, Famous in Love, is turning into everyone’s newest addiction. The show stars Bella Thorne as Paige, a student who gets the chance of a lifetime when she is cast in a huge Hollywood movie franchise. But it turns out Hollywood isn’t all glitz and glamour. Now Paige needs to adjust to living in the spotlight and living her everyday life with millions of people watching.

The series is full of luxurious movie sets and the most trendy red carpet looks. But one of the most addictive parts of the show is the music. Hollywood is only as good as its biggest track, and Famous in Love has some great ones. Let’s take a look the best songs from the first five episodes of the show.

Episode 1: California Dreamin’- Sia
This song is the backdrop for the first episode, as well as the entire series. The title says it all: California Dreamin’. And that’s exactly what Paige has always done. But now, she living the very dream that Sia is singing about.

Episode 2: Strangely Beautiful- Bryan Steele
This song sums up Hollywood in every way. To Paige, Hollywood is strange and so different from what she is used to. But in its own unique way, it is beautiful. This song by Bryan Steele sums up the rush, the chaos, and the hook that makes Hollywood so enticing.

Episode 3: All Night- Icona Pop
Who doesn’t love Icona Pop? It’s impossible to listen to them and not want to break into a dance. The song plays as Paige gets glammed up in hair, make-up, and a stunning red dress. Paige looks stunning, but it’s hard to focus on her while singing along to this Icona Pop anthem.

Episode 4: Here With Me-Susie Suh and Robot Koch
Perhaps the most romantic song of the series, this song plays as Paige and Rainer have a moment together. It’s dark, mysterious, and exciting- everything a Hollywood fling should be.

Episode 5: Zillionare- Flo Rida
Nothing says party like Flo Rida. This scene and this song are no exception. The song plays during Paige’s surprise party, and what better way to celebrate? Paige may be a movie star now, but she’s just like everyone else- she loves a good Flo Rida party song.

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