Find out Tyler Posey’s new role!

Tyler Posey fans, the former Teen Wolf star has a new project in the works!

Tyler has joined the CW vampire pilot called Lost Boys. The first episode will be directed Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the series will be based on the 1987 movie of the same name. It will take place in Santa Carla, Calif., a beautiful seaside town that happens to be home to an underworld of vampires. The first episode follows two brothers who move to Santa Carla with their mother after the sudden death of their father.

Posey will play Michael, the elder brother whose life plans are uprooted when he learns he has the same genetic weakness that killed his dad. Other members of the cast will include Dakota Shapiro and Kiele Sanchez. Medalion Rahimi will play Tyler’s love interest, Stella.

Also, this will not be Tyler’s first time on the CW. Last year, he guest-starred on Jane the Virgin. Tyler played Jane’s love interest, Adam.

Finally, a premiere date for Lost Boys hasn’t been announced yet. But we expect the show to be planned for the fall season.

So are you looking forward to Tyler Posey’s new role? Let us know in the comments!