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You may be on vacation from school, but CrashCourse are making sure that your brain doesn’t get rusty. They’re giving you a pint sized lesson on civilization and it even has cute cartoons!

Shifting gears somewhat, BuzzFeed want to know, Can You Waffle It? In most cases, it appears that you can. Tummy rumble alert!

In the wake of The Fault in Our Stars, Epic Reads are getting you up to date with all your YA adaptation news this week.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was released this weekend, so our friends at Wired decided to create a workshop on surviving an ape-ocalypse. You know, just in case.

Lucky Magazine interviewed Solange behind the scenes of her cover shoot. Check out the outfits!

With the world cup just wrapping up, Christopher Mintz (aka McLovin) has been in Brazil making this, ahem, informative video on the subject.

Get some tasty, wholesome Selena Gomez flavored celebrity gossip inside you courtesy of AwesomenessTV.


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