happening around the web this week

Here are Young Adult Magazine’s top picks for fun stuff that has been happening around the web this week:

In an act of sports heroism second only to taking home the trophy itself, intrepid soccer fan Roman Kemp watched and filmed every single match in the world cup 2014. Check out his sleep deprived coverage below:

The stars of Fox’s new coming of age drama Red Band Society have made a new promotional music video; a cover of Oh Honey’s 2013 track Be Okay. Red Band Society centers around the lives of a group of teenagers who are patients in a cancer ward and premieres in September. Given that it’s from the creators of Glee, we’re betting it’s more cheerful than it sounds.

Well isn’t this lovely. Colton Haynes has recorded a cover version of Josh Groban’s ballad You Raise Me Up. Colton, usually known for being pouty Roy in Arrow, has taken some time to make us all smile with his lovely set of pipes. Take a listen below.

Look, Teen Vogue is just saying … it’s summer, it’s hot outside and you want to keep your skin looking lustrous and grease free. They’re making the viral video your mom wishes you saw ten years ago – How to Wash Your Face Like a Pro.

Not even a pop star with the stature of Lorde is free from the “Weird Al” Yankovic treatment … check out his pretty awesome spoof of her Royals video, entitled … Foil.

Epic Reads is here to share another installment of Book Nerd Problems – Good book, bad movie. Does this parking lot conversation seem at all familiar to you?

Devinsupertramp is urban surfing by turning the streets of San Francisco into a massive slip ‘n’ slide … we don’t recommend you try this in your own hometown, but nevertheless it’s hugely entertaining and poses less risk of getting eaten by a shark than sea surfing!




Here are Young Adult Magazine’s top picks for fun stuff that has been happening around the web this week:

Teen Vogue caught up with Malificent star and A lister in waiting Elle Fanning.  Teen Vogue’s editor in chief dishes the dirt on what Elle was REALLY like:

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were just announced as co-hosts of the Much Music Awards. The kids from Awesomeness TV weigh in on the decision.


Janoskians, the hot teenage answer to the Jackass pranksters, cause some trouble in Paris:


Gamester Pewdiepie gives us his commentary on the new Next Car Game demo prior to its release .  Entertaining stuff!


With the release of hotly tipped sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow this weekend, CinemaSins decided to take a look back at last summer’s sci-fi blockbuster Gravity to show us all the things a sci-fi film SHOULDN’T do.


We love Jenna Marbles!  This week, the crown princess of Young Yuoutube shares her wisdom as a pet owner (aka parent).  Essential viewing: