Happy 22nd Birthday Joshua Bassett!

Today is a cause for celebration, everyone! It’s time to celebrate Joshua Bassett’s birthday, which is today December 22nd! For those who don’t know Joshua, this young man is a songwriter, singer, and actor. If you’ve been a follower of his for a while, you might recognize him from Grey’s Anatomy and Stuck in the Middle. But if those don’t, you will know him from his role as Ricky from High School Musical: The Musical The Series. But even as an actor, Joshua is a songwriter and singer. He has released music dating back from 2021 with titles Lie Lie Lie and Only a Matter of Time, and you will recognize his latest tracks from his popular EP releases: would you love me now?, SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID, i‘m sorry, and Different.

This young artist became busy in the earlier months with his song releases, and Joshua’s reasoning behind this is very inspiring. By the time he had released Sad Songs In A Hotel Room, he had written the EP some time ago, but because of what was happening during this time, he didn’t feel it was the right time to release it by then. By the EP’s release, he had written 50 more songs; an amazing achievement! Joshua can’t contain how excited he was to show his other songs, as they represent different stages of what his creative mind can show to his audience. According to Joshua, he’s eager to go onwards toward the next chapter, and fans are very excited to see what music Joshua has made for him to be so eager to share now and onto the next year.

As mentioned before, Joshua stars as Ricky in the show, High School Musical: The Musical The Series. For those who require more context, Ricky is a guitarist and the lead character in HSMTMTS, and he was portrayed to be a character who wasn’t initially interested in musicals, but eventually, in later seasons, Ricky does become interested in them. Joshua was involved in the soundtrack for HSMTMTS, ranging from instrumentals and writing songs, such as fan-favorite Finally Free from Season 3. If you haven’t had the chance yet, watch HSMTMTS as he plays Ricky! You won’t be disappointed by his performance.

And speaking of the show here’s the hot topic of the show: the Rina ship and its fandom! The fandom is abuzz when talks of Ricky and Gina are here, and the show thrives under the ships that are shared in the show, with Ricky and Gina being the most prominent. The combined ship name, Rina, is a hot topic in social media, and with good reason, if you’ve watched the show! The relationship the two share is interesting, ranging from what happened between the two of them in Season 1, to the change that happened in Season 2, and the cliffhanger that comes to fruition at the end of Season 3. Fans are ecstatic to hear what will happen in Season 4 to see what will happen, and if you’re interested in what will happen between the two, make sure to watch the show!

Fans worldwide love Joshua’s work, ranging from those who follow his acting career to those who listen to his music, or both! To provide an idea of how vast his fans are; his Twitter followers exceed 280k followers, he has 3.1 million followers on TikTok with 71.5 million likes, he has over 531k subscribers on YouTube, and he has 2.6 million followers on Instagram. This young man received many thanks from fans worldwide, thanking him for lighting up their days with his music, the empathy they felt from his music, and how vulnerable the lyrics are for others to feel a relation to. To a lot of fans, Joshua effectively became his fans’ idol in both mental health and empathy.

The video in this article is a dedication to Joshua, with his fans thanking him for helping them, guiding them, relaxing them, and bringing them happiness, hope, and closure in their lives. This video also presents Joshua’s Finally Free from Season 3 of HSMTMTS with fans singing and dancing to the music, with the end detailing the fans wishing happy birthday to Joshua through art and Twitter feeds. Thank you, Joshua, for sharing your passion for music and your wish to spread joy to your fans. Congratulations again Joshua, and happy birthday to you from YEM!