Mark Lacek is taking over YEM’s Twitter

Mark Lacek is the author of So, Who’s In Your Circle? As well as the founder and CEO of the app My-Circle. The combination of the two are supposed to help its audience think about the people in their lives, and be thoughtful about who you spend your time with. Mark brings the idea and skills of being deliberate about the people he spends his time with into his own life to bring him joy and maintain a good mental health. This week Mark is taking over YEM’s twitter to speak about himself as well as his book. It should be nothing short of fascinating and we are so excited to learn everything that Mark is going to share!

His book, So, Who’s In Your Circle?, is paired with the app and is meant to help people think a lot about the relationships in your life, and being mindful about who is let into your personal circle. The book is helpful in many ways, and is a great read. Mark wrote this book after experiencing isolation during COVID and realizing what really matters in life.

Mark will be taking over YEM’s twitter and will be answering many questions that everyone is dying to know. Make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to spend some time with him over on our twitter to learn some more about both him as well as his book, So, Who’s In Your Circle. This twitter takeover is not something you are going to want to miss.