Love, Victor Star Michael Cimino Gets Emotional During Heartfelt Speech

Michael Cimino, who plays Victor Salazar in the hit series Love, Victor, recently posted an emotional speech on his Instagram thanking everyone who worked on the show. In his speech, he expressed how amazing it was going from a random kid from Vegas to being surrounded by people who made coming to work every day a good one. Not only did he call them irreplaceable, he also stated that “it’s not every day that you get along with everyone you work with,” and it’s clear how grateful he is for that.

Considering the recent announcement that the upcoming third season of Love, Victor will be the show’s last, it’s understandable that Cimino kept getting choked up. The fact that he was able to praise the cast and crew while tearing up is truly a testament to who he is as a person. He is right that typically, not everyone who works on a show gets along all the time. Thankfully that wasn’t the case here, as he said. Knowing that they’ll all soon be going their separate ways makes things much harder to deal with. It was through working with the cast and crew that Cimino felt like a changed person. He believed himself to be part of something great.

Clearly, he was proud of everything he’d accomplished in the three years he’d been dedicating to Love, Victor. But instead of just uplifting himself, Cimino took the time to uplift everyone around him. Without them he wouldn’t have made it very far. He ended his speech with popping a bottle of champagne and joining everyone in a giant group hug. Though his work relationships are ending, hopefully he’ll keep in touch with them regardless, since they’ve all made a big impact on each other. It is bittersweet, but even good shows must end eventually, or

they’ll lose what made them good in the first place. Here’s hoping Cimino’s next projects will be just as positive as Love, Victor has been.


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