HSMTMTS: Who’s birthday is it?

HSMTMTS just released a birthday message on their instagram page, and it appears to be for Mr. Mazzara! Miss Jenn starts the birthday message saying that a little birdie told her it’s his birthday. She tells him she is not sure if he acknowledges the concept of celebration. But lets him know he means something to her students (at least the eight who replied to her email). She then shows the birthday messages that the students of East High have for him.

Ricky wishes Mr. Mazzara a happy birthday and thanks him for returning his DVD of High School Musical to the library a few months ago. Ashlyn’s message is next, and she thanks him for letting her miss 27 robotics meetings so she can rehearse for High School Musical. E.J. thanks Mr. Mazzara for being so busy that he let him write his own letter of recommendation to the 17 colleges he applied to.

Kourtney reminisces during her birthday message to him about how during freshman year she and Nini were standing behind him during lunch and there were two chicken tenders left, and he asked them if they wanted the chicken tenders. The message then cuts to Nini reminiscing on the same story chiming in that they replied “yeah, duh!” to wanting the tenders, but that he took them anyway. Kourtney chimes back into the message thanking him for teaching them resilience. Gina wishes Mr. Mazzara a happy birthday, but then states he has no idea who she is. Big Red reminds Mr. Mazzara of the time he asked to use the bathroom and he said no, leading him to get a bladder infection.

He then reassures him that he is better now. In Carlos’ birthday message he states that he has to be honest and that he has had a lot of teachers at East High, but that he hopes he has a great day and he is praying for him. Miss Jenn ends the birthday messages by saying if he has made it this far she knows he has emotions. She then thanks him for helping them out with High School Musical: The Musical and for being the only co-worker who knows her name and ends the message by wishing him a happy birthday.

Mr. Mazzara then replies to all on the birthday message. He begins by saying it has been a while since he has “replied all” and that he hopes his social skills are not too rusty. Then he thanks everyone for the warm wishes, but that it is actually not his birthday. He continues by saying that there is another Benjamin Mazzara on Facebook whose birthday it is, which leads him to think that Miss Jenn attempted to stalk his account, but it is still a very kind gesture and he is slightly moved.

We are always so excited when something from HSMTMTS shows up as we just can’t wait until season two!

What do you think we will see next from the cast while we wait for the second season to premiere on May 14th?