Check out Joshua Bassett’s new music video

The official music video for Joshua Bassett’s song “Telling Myself” was just released! The song was also just released as part of his debut EP.

The music video was directed by Audrey Ellis Fox, produced by John Edwards Curtis and executive produced by Sebastian Urrea.  It stars Joshua Bassett as well as fellow Disney star Chandler Kinney who can be seen on Zombies 2 playing Willa. 

When you watch the music video, you realize how true to the lyrics the video is and how it is staying true to what the song is trying to convey. The song is about someone getting out of a relationship and looking back at it, and realizing that it might not necessarily be as good as we thought it was in the moment. The song is about reflection and we see that come through in the music video.

In the music video we can see Joshua and Chandler as two people in a relationship. The video starts with them sitting at a table in handcuffs; foreshadowing that something goes wrong. The scene then changes to what seems to be the past. The two of them, although in love, are doing things that are not good ideas such as stealing from stores and taking money from cash registers. The video changes from the scenes of them stealing things to being in handcuffs.

At the end of the video we see them in a room when you hear police sirens. From there we assume they are caught and that is why they had handcuffs in the other scenes. The music video conveys the same idea as the song about looking back on a relationship. And seeing that it might have seemed good in the moment, but ultimately it was not a good situation or idea.

The video was executed extremely well, and it is very enjoyable to watch. We can not wait to see what is in store next for Joshua Bassett!