I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister cover

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Published by Delacorte Press
0385743769 (ISBN 13: 9780385743761)

Eighteen-year-old Sohane loves no one more than her beautiful, carefree younger sister, Djelila. And she hates no one as much. The two have always shared everything. But now, Djelila is embracing her life as a secular teen, and Sohane is becoming more religious.

Every choice has a price.

When Sohane starts wearing a head scarf, her school insists that she remove it or she’ll be expelled. Meanwhile, Djelila is repeatedly harassed by neighborhood bullies for not following Muslim customs. Sohane can’t help thinking that Djelila deserves what she gets. She never could have imagined just how far things would go.

I love I hate I miss my sister.

In the year following Djelila’s tragic death, Sohane struggles with her feelings of loss and guilt, revealing a complex relationship between two sisters, each girl’s path to self-discovery, and the consequences they face for being true to themselves.

Amélie Sarn-Cantin is a French author, comic book writer and translator. In 2006, she took over Geneviève Huriet’s role as the author of the Beechwood Bunny Tales series, with Qu’as-tu fait, Mistouflet and L’album photo des Passiflore..

In April 2002, Sarn published her first novel for adults, Elle ne pleure pas, elle chante. She later wrote the book adaptation of Sylvain Chomet’s The Triplets of Belleville.

Sarn’s works have been published in France by Éditions Milan, Rageot, Albin-Michel and Groupe Flammarion.