New Music Friday: December 8th

Check out this week’s newest bangers! You absolutely have to tune into these must listen songs from the todays top rising stars!

1) Jonah Kagen – “Save My Soul”

Check out this new song from YEM favorite Jonah Kagen. If you are looking for some good vibey folk music from a rising singer-songwriter, check out Jonah Kagen’s new album The Roads today!

2) Cindy Sterling – “Hideaway”

New from artist Cindy Sterling is her debut album Roxbury Romance and our favorite tune “Hideaway”. Check it out wherever you get your music today. 

3) Sophie Lloyd and Lzzy Hale – “Imposter Syndrome”

This collaboration between guitar superstar Lzzy Hale and artist Sophie Lloyd is an absolute banger, not to mention the spectacular guitar work.

4) TellTale – “Otherside”

In this new tune from the band TellTale, we get to see the “Otherside” of this incredible musical experience. 

5) Showoff – “Bitter Pill”

The band Showoff’s new song “Bitter Pill” is a catchy and creative new song that is definitely a must-listen. 

6) Annabel Gutherz – “Saturn’s Rings”

Artist Annabel Gutherz’s extraterrestrial song “Saturn’s Rings” is a crazy cool song that will be sure to send you into orbit.

7) Vince Freeman – “Powers”

Vince Freeman’s new song “Powers” is a powerful tune that is catchy and sweet. Check it out wherever you get your music today.

8) New Jeans – “Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day”

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – OCTOBER 21: Danielle, Hanni, Hyein, Minji and Haerin of girl group NewJeans attend during the Coca-Cola Creation X ARTE MUSEUM limited edition ‘Coca-Cola Zero Dreamworld’ Pop-up store opening event on October 21, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

Iconic K-Pop group New Jeans have just released their new song “Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day” and it is a beautiful and creative song that you must listen to if you like K-Pop!

9) Jessia – “Somehow”

Jessia’s new song “Somehow” is a beautiful song with elegant melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head. 

10) Muo Duo – “Ruby Rose”

Duo group Muo Duo have a new song out now called “Ruby Rose” off of their new album project. Check out that song and the whole album today!

11) Dillon Francis – “Pretty People”

Dillon Francis’ new album is absolutely FIRE and that includes this song “Pretty People”. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this song.

Check out next week’s Top 10 from YEM to learn more about Dillon Francis and his new album. 

12) Off Lights – “Home”

The band Off Lights has just released their new song “Home” and it’s sure to take you back there. Check it out now!

13) Thomas Nicholas Band – “Same Kids”

Thomas Nicholas Band’s new song “Same Kids” is a banger of a song that is catchy and creative so give it a listen as soon as possible. 

14) Gab De La Vega – “Off My Chest”

Gab De La Vega’s song “Off My Chest” is definitely something you are going to want to check out. With incredible lyricism and powerful melodies, this song is definitely worth the listen. 

15) Maddie Regent – “Butterflies”

Artist Maddie Regent’s song “Butterflies” is the perfectly elegant song to add to your winter playlist. Check out Maddie Regent and her new album today.

16) Raisin Awareness – “Date Knight”

Raisin Awareness is definitely raising our awareness of their new tune “Date Knight”. It’s funny and catchy and everything you need out of a new favorite song.

17) Sam Paige – “Impulsive”

Artist Sam Paige’s new song “Impulsive” is a pop masterpiece. If you are a fan of Olivia Rodrigo or even if you are just looking for a good song, you are definitely going to want to check this out. 

18) Strike Twelve – “Not a Phase”

This pop-punk tune from the band Strike Twelve is everything you could ask for and more. It’s quick and catchy and the perfect song for your angsty playlist.

19) Liv Hanna – “lonely”

For all the hopeless romantics out there, this new pop single from Liv Hanna is a angsty and sultry song about being alone. Totally relatable for all single people and even those who are just looking for a good upbeat sad song. 

20) Taking Back Sunday – “The One”

Celebrating their new album 152 and their tour that goes along with it, Taking Back Sunday’s new song “The One” is definitely worth the listen and if you like what you hear, check out the rest of their album 152. 

Thanks for tuning into this week’s top new releases. Make sure to subscribe to YEM and check back next week for more new songs.