Interview: London and Sedona Fuller (of Modern Family and Captain Marvel)

Dynamic duo London and Sedona Fuller are taking Hollywood by storm. At only seven years old, the twins have had quite a career. Their first co-starring credit was earned at just six months old, when the twins played the baby in the original “Baby Daddy” pilot. Their most memorable role to date has been as Janice and Betty on “Modern Family” – Hailey’s boyfriend Dylan’s rambunctious stepdaughters. London will be starring in Captain Marvel – in theaters now! She plays the young version of Brie Larson as the title character. YEM spoke with the twins about their long career and their newest projects.

Young Entertainment Mag: You both have been acting since you were babies. How did you get involved in acting?

London and Sedona Fuller: We got involved in acting because our mom had been an actress/pregnancy model and her agent got us our first job when we were only 4 months old!  Ever since, we knew this what we wanted to do.

(L-R) London and Sedona Fuller

YEM: You both even played baby Emma in the pilot of “Baby Daddy”! Do you ever go back and watch yourselves as babies?

London and Sedona: Sometimes.  We were lucky the producers gave us a DVD.  It’s totally fun to watch and makes us proud to see us so young acting.  We do think we look funny and spitty.

YEM: Both of you are playing the daughter of Charlize Theron in an upcoming movie. What was it like to work with her?

London and Sedona: It was so fun. We got to go to the beach and got to wear a really cool backpack. My pretend brother was very cute. Miss Charlize was very very very nice. I felt like she was my real family because we hung out a lot. All of our scenes were with her.

YEM: Fans may recognize you as Janice and Betty from Modern Family where you play Dylan’s stepdaughters. Since Hayley and Dylan are having babies, will your characters return to the show?

London and Sedona: We hope so! It would be awesome to have little twin sisters.  It’s such a fun show to work on!  Everyone laughs a lot even when not filming.

YEM: London, you play a younger version of Brie Larson in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Did you get to meet her?

London: Not yet.  We shot on different days.  But I can’t wait to meet her at the premiere!  And I definitely want to get a selfie! I really look up to Ms Brie because she’s in a lot of movies and always is such a good actress.

YEM: Did you do a lot of cool stunts in the film?

London: Yes! I get pushed down and fall in the sand.  At first, they put down a mat for me to practice falling. But then I had to fall on the actual sand when they were filming. They cleared out all the shells first. It was really fun.

YEM: Finally, you’re twins and you both work together on a lot of projects. Are you two very similar, or do you have very different personalities?

Sedona: I love fashion and London not so much.

London: I don’t like grits or meatloaf.  Sedona likes casserole and macaroni and cheese. But we both love oatmeal and our puppy Bora.

Sedona: London likes purple and I like pink. Also, I hate to be cold and London hates being too hot!