Joshua Bassett releases his new EP

Joshua Bassett has finally released his long awaited self-titled debut EP! The EP was released March 12th with its lead single “Lie Lie Lie” having been released earlier on January 14th. His EP is a rollercoaster ride of stories and emotions. The songs are all about falling in and out of love in relationships. And seem like they are all very personal to him. But yet are so easy to connect to and relate to in our own personal lives. 

The EP consists of six different songs. The songs are titled “Sorry”, “Do It All Again”, “Lie Lie Lie”, “Only a Matter of Time”, “Telling Myself”, and “Heaven Is You”. All of the songs are very instrumental, rooted strongly in piano and guitar. Joshua is a multi-instrumentalist and he played at least three instruments in each one of the songs.

Joshua’s music career was first introduced to us when he wrote and sang “Just For a Moment” for his show HSMTMTS. Following that he signed a recording contract with Warner Records in early 2020 and released his first single, “Common Sense”. 

Joshua had been working on this new EP for the past two years. Just a few weeks ago news broke that he cut “We both know” from the EP which was a duet with Sabrina Carpenter, and replaced it with the song“Telling Myself”. The replacement of the duet was due to the fact that he wanted his songs to be more about the art and less about the gossip that would surround it if he added the song with Sabrina Carpenter due to the rumours of a “feud” with Sabrina and Joshua’s HSMTMTS co-star Olivia Rodrigo. 

This new EP is fantastic and we can not wait to keep streaming it over and over again! What is your favorite song on the EP?