Joshua Bassett’s New Single: LA

Joshua Bassett posted on Instagram a couple days ago of his fresh new single “LA” and let me tell you, it’s a hit!

Bassett has been gaining fame through his acting and singing talents recently. He has a role on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (plays Ricky Bowen), and released other singles last year like, “Lie Lie Lie”. 

“LA” is a song Bassett created when he was feeling the LA blues. He says: “ I wrote it at a time when I needed to get out of LA for more reasons than just the city.” That makes sense because all actors or singers have gone through a phase where LA was too overwhelming and all they wanted to do was escape from it all. 


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One of the saddest and most relatable lyrics of the whole song is when he sings: “So I’ll put on a show, slap on a smile”. That right there, is every moment you aren’t doing great but have to pretend to the world that you are. 

Another really good lyric of the song is when he sings: “ No one’s actually happy, It’s all who do you know, And when did you know them, Not where are you from, but where are you going, How can you help me get to where I need”. This is a common thing in LA for actors, singers, and performers. It’s all about the connections. Once they find out who it is you know and how well you make it big. However, the moment you fall, you fall hard. Most disappear and you’re left alone to pick yourself up and try to make things great again. 

The melody has sad vibes to it as well. It’s played only on piano the whole, which is played by him. Another addition to his already amazing skills and talent!

This song was beautifully done and he couldn’t have done a better job of performing this. Yet another Joshua Bassett’s hit! Check out the trailer of “LA” on his Instagram or you can check out the full song on his YouTube account.