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Review of Love, Victor Season 2 Episode 1

Coming out on Love, Victor

Season 2 of Love, Victor is finally streaming on Hulu. After being left off on that Season 1 cliffhanger with Victor coming out to his parents, we finally get to see his parent’s reaction. 

Season 1 focused solely on Victor coming to terms with his sexuality, and he comes out to a few of his friends. The most noteworthy was Felix, who was completely supportive.

Victor’s coming out process went through a lot of ups and downs. He’s seen messaging Simon, who a lot of you may remember from the movie Love, Simon. Victor is torn because he’s attracted to Benji, but he also likes Mia. And his biggest dilemma is whether he actually likes Mia in the romantic sense, or if he feels like he should like Mia because of his parent’s expectations about relationships and their religious views. 

The Reality of Coming Out

It took a lot of courage for Victor to come out as gay, especially to his parents. His dad was very excited about Victor dating Mia and tried to keep pushing that relationship. There was also a moment in Season 1 when Victor’s dad is proud of him for defending Benji and his boyfriend at the time in front of Victor’s religious grandfather, but his dad also makes a comment about hoping his sons don’t turn out that way. 

Victor struggles with this inner conflict, and he is understandably disappointed when his parents won’t even talk about it with him or acknowledge Benji as his boyfriend. It very much seems like Victor’s parents assumed he was straight, and they had certain expectations for his life based on that. By coming out, Victor doesn’t have to hide the fact that he’s dating a boy and can live life as his more authentic self. By not acknowledging Benji as his boyfriend, his mom is disregarding a major part of who Victor is and the reality that he wants to create for himself. 


Love, Victor (Photo by: Greg Gayne/Hulu)

Now that Victor is out, he seems happier and more confident to be in an exclusive relationship with Benji but the struggle with his parents, especially his mom is real. 

For anyone struggling with their own sexuality or who knows of someone who is, these are some great resources to check out:

The Trevor Project: A national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth 

It Gets Better Project: An organization whose mission is to uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe. 

GLAAD: An organization that uses media platforms to increase positive LGBTQ+ awareness and information.