Friend’s “Phoebe” Set To Act In Better Nate Than Ever

Lis Kudrow is going to play one of the main parts in the film adaptation of Better Nate Than Ever!

The movie adaptation is directed by Tim Federle, creator of High School Musical: The Musical The Series. He’s done other projects as well like stage productions of The Little Mermaid and Gypsy back in the early 2000s. He has already made his mark on Broadway and on the TV screen. So, this movie surely won’t disappoint. 

Lisa Kudrow is no newcomer to the acting industry. She is most commonly known for her role as Phoebe on the iconic show Friends. However she has played many other roles such as Valerie in The Comeback, Fiona in Web Therapy, and Linda in Feel Good. It will be a delight seeing her again on screen. She is such a wonderful actress and has amazing talent.

The film is centered around 13 year old Nate Foster. Nate’s lifelong dream is to be in a Broadway show. So, the small-town boy hops on a bus all the way to the Big Apple to audition for E.T.: The Musical without asking his parents. Once he gets there he discovers he has a long-lost Aunt Hiedi (played by Lisa Kudrow). She helps him to see his dreams become a reality while also having him help her in return.

The movie is still in progress. It is being filmed in New York. The role of Nate and his best friend Libby have yet to be announced probably because Federle is on the lookout for someone who captures the same essence as the two characters as well as have great chemistry like the two friends. Also, it is a musical comedy. So, he is looking for talent in both singing and acting and humor. Federle has quite the task ahead of him!

Whoever he casts for the part of Nate and Libby is sure to be a great choice as he hasn’t failed his fans yet. From the looks of it, Better Nate Than Ever  is looking to be another one of Tim Federle masterpieces.