Kaitlyn Dias Interview

When asked to describe Pixar’s new animated film, “Inside Out” in one emotion, Kaitlyn Dias, the young star of the movie responds, “Joy! Definitely joy.”

YE got the chance to chat with Dias, who voices spunky and emotional eleven-year old Riley in Pixar’s “Inside Out” – and she is one cool teenager.


She started recording the film at only eleven-years-old and over four years since that first day in the studio the movie is finally hitting theaters. When she thinks about walking in the room on her very first day she says she was feeling giddy.

“I was just like ‘Woah, this is REALLY COOL,’” Dias says enthusiastically. She doesn’t seem to have lost that giddy feeling. When she talks about the film, her excitement is barely containable. According to Dias, “[Inside Out} is a great family film” and a “nice break from all the big blockbusters out right now.”

“Inside Out” follows Dias’ character, Riley, as she navigates her young adult life and the emotions that are jumbled up in her head. Dias recalls one particularly emotional scene, where she actually made herself to cry. She describes it as the hardest scene to film but the one she’s also most proud of. The emotion of the film is what she hopes the viewers will take away from it.

“I really want people to see that it’s okay to be sad sometimes. You don’t always have to be happy. Sadness is a normal human emotion and we all have it.”


Dias says Riley is “super passionate” about everything, especially hockey. While not a hockey fan herself, this actress is no stranger to hardcore sports. She likes to keep life interesting with parkour. She says “It’s a really fun way to get active, plus you could use it in an emergency situation, you know in case of a zombie apocalypse.” Don’t you just love a gal who thinks ahead?

During our interview, Dias speaks with a genuine love and humble attitude for the work she did. You can tell she’s still thrilled she got have this unique experience and can’t wait to see where the success of the film will take her.
Before we go we asked her one last question. “What is another animated film that you love?”

“The Lion King,” she answers with no hesitation. “It’s got singing cats, two of my favorite things in one!” Love her! Between parkour and Pixar, YE can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for this one-of-a-kind gal.

Make sure to check out the trailer for “Inside Out” below: