Kevin Keller is in NYC to visit Katy Keene!

Riverdale fans have fallen in love with the spin-off series Katy Keene. The show follows, well, Katy Keene in her adventures around New York. The show stars a familiar face: Josie McCoy. But Josie isn’t the only Riverdale alum to visit the world of Katy Keene. Last week: Kevin Keller visited the Big Apple!

Katy Keene takes place roughly five years later than Riverdale. So five years after his senior year, Kevin is in New York to visit this step-sister Josie. Josie quickly shows Kevin around the big city and introduces him to her besties: Katy Keene, Jorge and Pepper. She describes him as “a prolific playwright with a harrowing origin story.” (We’re so happy that Kevin found his calling and it’s a big stretch from his days at the farm.) In actuality, Kevin is teaching drama at Riverdale High. I mean, would we expect anything else after he directed three brilliant musicals in a row?

Pepper agrees to host a reading of Kevin’s latest writing, with the hopes that Kevin will find an agent. And it turns out that Kevin’s play is pretty … close to home. His script is about La Bonne Nuit – Veronica’s speakeasy back home. The play is set in the town of Creekdale (as if we don’t know where that really is.) Kevin says, “A lot of people die, and also make out.” Yup, sounds like Riverdale alright.

At the reading of Kevin’s play, the core four are playing the main roles. Josie plays herself, Katy plays Betty, Pepper plays Cheryl and Jorge brings out his inner Ginger by playing (and dressing as) Veronica. But it doesn’t go as planned when a director in the audience hits on Kevin. He promises to help Kevin break into the business in exchange for… some extra attention. But remember… Kevin isn’t the same boy we left in Riverdale, is he?

As for Josie’s career, Kevin stops by her recording session to meet “The new Pussycats,” as he puts it. He tells Josie’s new bandmates about how “Josie and the PussyCats” ruled the school in Riverdale. The new girls walk out on Josie’s recording session, causing a riff between her and her step-brother. She flat out tells Kevin that she’s done with Riverdale, and it’s time for him to move on from it too. Easy for her to say, Kevin is still living and working in Riverdale! But he assures her that she’s a new woman – a more mature version of the Riverdale teen she once was.

So, what’s next for Kevin Keller? Will he leave Riverdale for good? Will he become a professional playwright? Does he still keep in touch with Betty and her iconic ponytail? We’re hoping that Kevin returns to New York really soon to interact with Josie, Katy Keene and the whole crew.