Kyle Motsinger tells us about his second album

Singer Kyle Motsinger released his newest album this summer. His debut album, “Far Away,” came out in 2017. Kyle has performed all over NYC in different music venues. He’s performed at the Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, the Duplex, and Don’t Tell Mama. On August  28th, 2020, Kyle released his second album “Any Way I Want it To.” Here, YEM spoke with Kyle about his new music!

Young Entertainment Mag: What is your new album, Any Way I Want It To, all about?

Kyle Motsinger: My second album is really all about navigating this turbulent time in the world. My first album was very introspective and my second album is about taking what I learned and looking outward. I started writing lighter, more uptempo songs and then the pandemic hit and I confronted what I was feeling and what the world was going on though. It’s also an election year with our most important election ever! That definitely informed a few songs too.

YEM: You sing about your own individual style in your title track. What does your unique style mean to you?

Kyle: I come from a background in theatre and a love of pop/rock music! In musical theatre you often write different styles of music depending on the needs of the song. That carries over into my writing. The album title track is sort of my thesis statement in the same way “Artpop” was a thesis statement for Lady Gaga. I’ve had music blogs listen to my music and not understand what I’m doing. This is me fiercely declaring my place in music.

YEM: Your music is very eclectic. What different styles influence your work?

Kyle: I mentioned musical theatre. That can mean anything from Stephen Sondheim to Frank Wildhorn. Artists like Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette really inspire me. I also love the aforementioned Lady Gaga and other dance pop artists like Kylie Minogue.  I can’t forget Elton John, Rufus Wainwright, and Scissor Sisters! If I listen to a type of music it’s bound to inspire my own writing.

YEM: Love On Each Other has a very inclusive message. Why inclusivity important to your music?

Kyle: Very! I want everyone to feel like they are a part of the music. I hope people can relate to the themes in the songs!

YEM: Were some of the songs from this album the result of writing in during the quarantine?

Kyle: Yes! I think around five songs on the album were written in quarantine. “The Upside Down” was the first one and I kept writing and writing. “Sirens” for instance was about the ambulances I heard every five minutes in the worst days of the pandemic. It was a scary time and music became a refuge for me.

YEM: Loner is a song where you express your introversion. What does being an introvert mean to you and your creative process?

Kyle: Being an introvert informs the way I take care of myself. I know that I need time to myself after a long time in public. I recharge by myself. Introverts also thrive with time away to write. I am not afraid of being alone. They say introverts go in the woods to create. They return to civilization with art for the people.

YEM: You collaborate with several other artists on this album. What was your favorite collaboration?

Kyle: Oh I can’t name a favorite! I will say that doing “The Joy Of” with Corey TuT led to him co-producing the whole album. So that was a fortunate turn of events! I  was so happy to have Broadway and TV’s Melody Betts join me for my most recent single, “No Shame.” She was a grad student at Western Illinois University when I was a BFA undergrad so it’s incredible to have her come along on this journey! My best friend  Kat Liz Kramer worked with me on my song “Costumes!” She’s an accomplished singer/songwriter herself and I’m excited to be producing her first full-length album!

YEM: Which track did you enjoy making the most?

Kyle: Again it’s hard to name a favorite! I loved the string sessions on “Love on Each Other” and “No Shame!” Mark Hartman arranges with Gokce Erem, Alex Weill, and Ina Paris rocking on the violin! I loved working with my collaborators! I may be an introvert when writing but I love working with others in the studio!

YEM: What are some of your musical inspirations?

Kyle: Oh I guess I mentioned a lot of those earlier! Let me add Kate Bush and Fiona Apple to the group! I love my 80’s and 90’s girls!

My second album is about taking what I learned and looking outward.

YEM: What do you want people to get out of your new album?

Kyle: Hope! I want people to feel inspired and ready to to fight against the dark forces that threaten us. I want people to love on each other!

Any Way I Want it To is available now on iTunes!

And here is a link to his website